Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What story

does your family laugh at over and over and LOVE to tell on you?

My dad gets great delight in telling about how I had a bout of extremely bad breath when I was about 2. *LOL* He said it was so bad no one could stand to be around me. They finally took me to the dr because they didn't know what was wrong. When the dr looked up my nose he found........foam! *L* I had a stuffed toy that I slept with and it seems I managed to get a spot worn and pull out some of the foam stuff inside and shoved it up my nose.

So what is your story? Share it on your blog and send me the link!

I had to share another story with Nancy (at TTS) about the time I gave my baby bro a goose-egg in the middle of his forehead between the eyes also! *L* Man I thought I had killed him! I was scared to death! We were playing baseball and I had a bad habit of swinging and throwing the bat back when I had a hit...well he was catching and I didn't know he had come up behind me so close and I nailed him dead center between the eyes. He went down like a rock and he got the goose-egg IMMEDIATELY! All blakc and blue and swollen and he wasn't moving much...I was this skinny little thing about 9 yrs old and he was a husky kid *L* my younger brother just stood there and stared at us and I was screaming at him to open the door as I picked up my baby brother and ran for the house. My younger brother never moved! OMG I don't know when I ever prayed so hard! I made all kinds of deals with God if he would just let my brother live, I just knew I had killed him! I wonder if mom has any pics of him sporting that goose-egg? hmmmmm *L* And no thats not my family story either..but I had to share after reading yours! *L*

Well, belive it or not, I have actually scrapped some this week! Even though my blog hasn't shown any signs of it. So here for your viewing pleasure.....

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