Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ready for Friday!

I sooooo need to clean my house *L* Yeah, so what am I doing sitting at the comp? It's easier to sit at the comp and blog than to clean! *duh* *L* And I need to get my behind in gear and get some scrapping done! I have all these ideas floating around in my head and I need the time to sit down and do the pages that go with these ideas!
But at least I found out why I still feel so crappy since the accident. Ok, so maybe I am impatient...ok YES I AM impatient and I don't like feeling crappy and tired. Went to the dr yesterday for a recheck and she said I sprained my knee and my shoulder, and I probably have some whiplash also. I asked her some questions about some concerns I have and she said it sounds like I probably have a mild concussion also (I keep forgetting things, stupid little names and such, and my brain gets fuzzy at times, and I have been sooooo tired, and Jim says my sleep has been a little restless), the dr said it could take weeks for that to all clear up. I had to get an xray of my lower back because there is a spot that just feels like it burns and it hurts all the time, so she is also having me start PT for that. Now I just got to find someplace to get that done that won't cost me an arm and a leg. And she kinda jumped on me for working, but what you gonna do? We can't afford for me to take off 2 or 3 weeks, and I would go fricking crazy. I pretty much know what I can and can't do and I don't do what I can't do. She did say as long as it is only a couple hours a day it should be ok.
We still don't know if the guy has insurance. I talked to the agent and he said they were still waiting for the police report. When I told him it should be ready since the 10 days are up he said that they use a 'service' for that and they haven't emailed him the report yet, so he hasn't tried contacting the guy anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Ummmm so get off your duff and find out where the report is for crying out loud!

Ok, I think I am going to get off here now and do some scrapping real quick! Then get that nap in.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lessons Learned!

Have I ever learned a lot this week! As you know, if you read my blog we were involved in an accident last week. As of yesterday we still don't know if the driver that hit us is insured or not and in the course of going through our insurance I found out we are under-insured. I had no idea that we didn't have any medical coverage on our automobile insurance! I thought all full coverage had medical! But in CA it is not standard/required. So I spent the afternoon yesterday reviewing our policy with an agent and getting things updated! Gosh if we had known this beforehand it would have been nice. At least we did have coverage for uninsured driver so we are going to be ok either way with getting the jeep fixed. The estimate on it was $6,500!! You can pick your jaw up off the floor now!
But if you haven't reviewed your insurance is your heads up to do that!!

On to scrapping stuff. *L* I have been issuing challenges at TTS to go along with the Elsie Flannigan book '52 Challenges' This month my challenges have been to scrap a 'Life long love' (person, place, thing...whatever) and to Group 4 pics together. If you want to join in you can post your LO at TTS also and maybe earn a prize! :)
Got another digi page done today. I used product from our digi sponsor this month at TTS...NitWit Collections. Let me tell you what, these kits are SO adorable!!! I want them all! *L*
Anyway here is my newest digi page...I love how it turned out!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Stuff

The NASCAR season started today *YEAH* man what a race! Dang there were a lot of crashes!!! None of my 'guys' won, but I am happy that Harvick won. Next week they are out here and we plan on going to the truck race and the Busch race. The NASCAR race is awesome but we don't like dealing with the HUGE crowd and drunks *L* So lets hope for nice weather for next weekend.

Thanks to Dawn I found out about a challenge called 'Lift with a Twist' so I made a digi LO for the challenge yesterday since I couldn't do the things I had planned on. I somehow managed to win a $15 GC to My Digital Muse! I am so excited because there are a couple kits I have been eyeing! And here is my page and the page we were scraplifting 'JUMP'
If you like doing challenges check out the 52 Challenges challenge that I posted at TTS today, and join in on our other challenges while you are there!

Last night we went to the Valentine's banquet at the Green Tree for the gun club. Had a good time and we met some nice new couples. Then I had a wonderful surprise when I got home...a My Space request from one of my neices!!! I didn't even know she had a my space page, so I am thrilled to have another way to keep in touch with her!

Oh and while I am at it, I wanted to pass along an awesome deal I found online!! If you are not a member at Picaboo yet, you should join. They have a promotion going on right now for a free book!! I think I am going to do one of either my grandkids pics or some of my digi pages. So check it out and get your free book (you do have to pay for shipping and handling)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Time for the weekend!!

It has to be better than the last couple days have been right? *L* After all it is a NASCAR weekend!! wooooohoooooooo Although I am shocked by the penalites already handed out this year. I know there is no way some of these drivers had a clue what was going on with thier least I hope not. But even if they did, NASCAR needs to make the rules cut and dried with no gray areas. many rules with it all anymore. I know a lot of it is for the drivers safety. I am just happy to see the season starting again!

Ok, so yesterday I should have stayed in bed *L* I went to work and while there, I was flushing my dirty mop water down the toilet, my cell phone was in my shirt pocket and it fell right into the toilet. Ewwwwwww gross huh? What ya gonna do? Of course I had to fish it out of there before it got flushed away! It wouldn't work the rest of the day, but this morning when Jim tried it, it came on!! YEAH! I did not want to go stand at the Verizon office for hours waiting to get a new one.

Last night we decided to take the girls for a ride in the jeep and take them to PetSmart. They hadn't been in a long time, and they love thier trips to PetSmart, besides we needed new bulbs for one of the fish tanks. While on the way, we were taking the side streets and got T-boned. The guy was at the stop sign going west and said he thought it was a 4 way stop. We were going north and traffic going south was stopped because someone wanted to make a left hand turn so they were waiting for us to go by, which is why the guy thought it was a 4 way stop. Well he comes through the stop sign and nails us in the front passenger side. I just remember seeing white..which turned out to be his headlights and a lot of cars on the other side that I thought we were going to slam into along with a car coming at us that I thought we would be hitting head on, so I closed my eyes. Jim held control of the jeep great despite a broken wheel! It was so chaotic and I was shaking like a leaf. I have to give the people of the VV credit though because it seemed like everyone that was stopped at the intersection and people going down the road that saw it all jumped out to make sure we were ok! Gosh there were people everywhere!!!! Even the people who lived in the house at the intersection heard it and came out to make sure everyone was ok. I didn't want to go by ambulance to the hospital and sit in the er for hours on end so I told the paramedics I would see my dr or go to the urgent care first thing in the morning. They said that would be ok as I didn't appear to have any life threatening injuries...and I am sure nothing is broken. We are both really sore, especially on our right sides and the side of my face felt weird. Thank goodness the girls were ok, although a bit shaken up. The pics I got aren't the best because we only had like 5 inches between our jeep and the car parked next to it at the tow yard. All I can say is thank God for seat belts and this is the reason we chose to drive a bigger vehicle and not a small car. No offense to anyone who drives a smaller car, but had we been in a car when this happened, this guys F150 pickup would have been in our laps!

The jeep on the other hand....well is a mess. AAA towed it to the yard and we had to get it towed to the auto body shop this morning. It was late enough that we couldn't get our insurance last night, so Jim talked to them this morning. The passenger door is a mess, the front fender, the windshield, it broke the wheel...literally broke the wheel and it is bent up into the wheel well! So I have no more jeep for a while. Who knows what else it did because it was dark and we couldn't see all the damage. The dr said she is sure we both have some whiplash, and they took xrays of my knee because it hurts something fierce and is swollen. I doubt that we know anything about the xrays or the estimate on the jeep until the first of the week with it being a holiday weekend. At least the guy who hit us was honest and told us and the cops that it was all his fault. He jumped out of his pickup and ran over to see if we were ok immediately and kept saying he was so sorry. Unfortunately he gave the officer an expired insurance card so we are waiting to find out if he really has insurance...he says he does.
On a lighter note here are some pages I got done this week!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Comedy Central

If you don't laugh you might just cry, or at the very least feel like banging your head against the wall *L* At least thats how Jim felt this past weekend.
We decided to take MIL on a short road trip since it was her last weekend in CA. You know what they say....the best intentions....we took her sightseeing at Rainbow Basin.

It is a gorgeous place, and she loved the scenery, but would not get out of the truck because she was afraid a mountain lion might appear! Oh my!! Jim and I got out and walked around. On the trip home MIL suddenly announces she needs Jim to pull over on main street in Barstow. She gets out and promptly....throws up!!!! Another weekend, another sickness. It has become quite a habit.
Every weekend she is sick. I finally asked her if she is sick during the week when we are working, and no she feels fine then. So either it is an attention getter or she gets sick because I cook and she actually has to eat something. I am wondering when the not eating started. Cause she eats a hearty supper...but that is probably because she isn't eating the rest of the day!
Ok, so maybe it is bad to say, but thank goodness we only have a few more days of the dramatics.

Super Bowl Sunday!! Wooohoooo Ok so the teams weren't any of my big favs, but I stil love the SB anyway! The day starts off with a bit of comedy! Our neighbors across the way have set up a bounce house for the kids to play with....MIL notices (Jim mentioned it because he noticed it when he went to get the Sunday paper). The conversation goes something like this:
MIL: They have one of those big things over there at that house.
Jim: Yeah, a bounce house.
MIL: What?
Jim: A bounce house.
MIL: Oh, is that who lives there? Is that their name?
Jim: No, it is a bounce house!
MIL: Oh, ok, and they have one of those things over there.
Jim: Yeah, it is a bounce house.
MIL: It's one of those things for kids. Why do the adults need one of those?
Jim finally gives up and walks off. *LOL* And what about me? I MISSED THE WHOLE DAMN THING!!! Because I was folding towels in the garage!! *LOL* Some things are just too hard to explain!
Super Bowl time comes around and we are watching the game. MIL is laying on the couch in her usual position and sighing...and sighing...enough with the sighing already, I thought maybe she fell asleep so I asked Jim and he said no she was just making noises. Ummmm, after that she stopped the sighing! Towards the end of the game she asks how much time is left...5 min 55 sec...OH REALLY??(and not a good oh really...more of an annoyed oh really...yes she has a tv in her room she could be watching!) Ummm yeah mom....sometimes you just want to say, no mom I am joking!!!
Then before bed she asks me if the washer will be empty for her to wash her sheets the next day. Uhhhhh yeah it always is empty since I spend the weekend doing the laundry! Can't figure out where that one came from...somewhere out in left field.

Fast forward to today. We are trying to get arrangements made with the mover and Jeannette is going to try and make things as difficult as she can Nothing can ever be easy with her where her mom is concerned.

Ok, enough of about some happy stuff!

I talked to Kayden on the computer..through Yahoo. She loves getting on the comp to talk to grandma, she thinks it is so fun to wear the earphones *L*

Kayden celebrated her second birthday this weekend. Where did the last 2 years go????

Here is something that came in my email from Marlo. What a neat idea! I think we should all do this if we can.

This is a story that is on a Ottawa, Ontario radio station - 105.3
KISS FM. There is a soon to be 8 year old little boy named Shane who
is battling Leukemia who's wish is to recieve 1 million birthday
cards by his birthday in May. I am making at least one for him - and
I thought maybe some of you would like to help too. Here is the
address to send the cards to:
2001 Thurston Dr.
Ottawa ON, K1G6C9
If you want to check it out for yourself to see that it is legit here is the stations web site
They have a lot of other cool stuff on the web site as well!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Changes, Changes, Changes

Lots of new things going on the last few days! MIL received papers from the housing authority back in MA and she will be moving to a senior apt on Jan 10!! Wow, did that all ever happen fast! While I am tickled to be getting the house back to ourselves, I must admit I will miss her(and I will worry about her when she is gone). Despite some of the changes over the last 6 mo and adapting to someone else living in the house, and the frustrations of dealing with alzheimers it has been fun getting to know her better, and now I see where DH gets his wicked sense of humor! *L* But now we can run around the house naked again if we want *LOL* and my scrap space will be back...and better organized than before!
Ghost has finally started eating on his own again!!!! What a shock that was! After over 5 weeks of feeding him by hand he walked into the kitchen yesterday morning when I was feeding the girls and the other cats, came up to me and meowed, and next thing I knew he was up on the counter digging into the food like he hadn't eatten in eons!! What a wonderful site that was to see!!!!!! Our Ghost is back!!

On to scrapping news....*L* I sound like a reporter now don't I?
We are having another FUN month at TTS with our monthly game. Want a chance to win between $10 and $50 to the TTS store? Along with the opportunity to be our Guest Design Team member for the month of March? (and let me tell you what, our sponsors ROCK!!) Well come join the fun and have the chance to win big!!!
Here we go gals.. this month is going to be HOT HOT HOT!!!!! we are gonna show some lovin all month long with challenges, chats, comments and more all month long.
The rules are:
Keep track of you own points and link your layouts and projects back to the thread in which the original challenge has been given to qualify.

Have fun and LIVE, LAUGH, and LOVE!!!!

1st place winner will be our GDT for the month of March and also recieve a GC to TTS Store for $50

2nd place winner will recieve a GC to TTS store for $15

3rd place winner will recieve a GC to TTS store for $10

all projects must be new to the web to qualify...

And there you have it! Can it get much easier? You get lots of fun challenges to inspire you, Your's truly will also be conducting a 'LOVE' Trivia game in chat on Feb 8 starting at 5 pm PST (for those of you time zone challenged peeps that is 8 EST, 7 CST, 6 MST, 5 PST)

How about an end of month roundup blogging challenge from the scrapbook lady?

What books and/or magazines did I read this month? *L* Sad to say, I have read bits and pieces of several scrapping magazines, the TV guide articles, of course my daily newspaper

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month? Of course my Grey's Anatomy can't miss that one! NCIS when it wasn't a repeat, American Idol, Dateline's To Catch a Predator and we watched You, Me and Dupree...cute movie!!! *LOL*

What special days did I celebrate and how? We had 3 kids celebrate birthdays this month, my oldest son turned 31, my oldest stepdaughter turned 33, my youngest stepson turned 25 and we had a new addition to the family!!! Gavin was born Jan 1!!!!

What gifts did I give and/or receive? Send my son 'The Purpose Driven Life' for his birthday....he has been wondering what he is here for and I am hoping this might help him (and maybe give him a jump kick to grow up), we sent Gavin a bunch of baby clothes and an adorable stuffed doggy, and Madi a camera to play with *L* (gives me more pics to scrap don't ya know!!), sent Shaun some goodies also, cd's full of pics and stuff and a shamrock stained glass suncatcher (because he wanted to steal mine *L*)

What illnesses or health concerns did I have? My back as usual has been giving me fits and my fibro has kicked my butt with the cold temps we have had, but thankfully we have been pretty healthy overall, lately.

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family? Jim and I went shooting last weekend, it was finally warm enough and man was it fun! We were both so on it was exhilerating!! I went to a crop at Shelley's house and had a blast AND got some pages done *L*

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month? Didn't really try anything new this month, but we did go to Outback and Red Lobster. Hadn't been to RL in years! They Josephine's treat to us. Jim also made his famous clam chowder...believe me it should be famous! It is sooooooooo good!!! It's a recipe he came up with after searching online and playing around with different ingredients until he came up with his own concoction. This stuff should be bottled and sold! He'd make a mint!

What special or unusual purchases did I make? Ummmm nothing that I can recall.

What were this month's disappointments? Can't call it a disapointment...worry would be a much better word....we were very very worried about Gavin for a while there. But he has pulled through and is doing fantastic now!!!

What were my accomplishments this month? Hey I consider getting my daily nap an accomplishment! *L* I did get a lot of scrapping done this month!

Anything else noteworthy to record? Kayden wanted to talk to grandma Julie on the comp using the earphone so we 'talked' for a long time *L* She is so stinkin cute! When Jon got home he got on and Jamie was able to hook up the little camcorder and it was so much fun to see him while we were talking! Bobby and Rachel came by to visit along with their girls. Gosh they are sooooo cute!!!! It was great seeing them!

And finally a couple of pages I got done recently(if you want to see more check out my gallery at TTS)
Kayden is such a little girly girl! *L* I love it!

Pics are from our trip to Provo in Dec. This is when I got to meet Dawn from TTS. Isn't she a cutie!

And finally a new digi page of Cleo and Lil Boy, our 2 trouble makers!