Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Day in the Life

of me *L* Ok so maybe not a standard day, but close enough. Had work this morning, and wouldn't you know this house of course I expect it. A note with a list of extra things to do. So at this point of trying to explain this to them several can not do more work in the normal amount of time I am there..more done = more today I skipped some things. Someday someone will get the picture...maybe! I dunno...sometimes I think the more schooling and degrees you have the less common sense you least for some people.
After work I ate on the run..yeah I know..bad girl..but I had barely enough time to get to my PT appt. That went well, I am really feeling better! Even my neck is better now. Got that done and felt so relaxed that I went home and laid down. Got a little bit of a nap.
But I was a little frustrated at the office. I have talked with the dr before about my wieght and he said I need to exercise more and walking would be good. So Jim and I have been walking. So today he tells me I am doing good but I need to increase my activity level. Hello?? I work 3 to 6 hours a day cleaning people's houses, I come home and do work around my own house, yes I take a nap because I don't sleep well at night..but then I get up go out and do yard work after dinner and we usually walk at night. I am wondering where in this picture do I fit in MORE activity? When do I get my down time? I mean even when I have a day off I do work..outside and in the house. And I don't mean just piddly little things, I mean work....digging, hoeing, shampooing my carpet, walls, ceiling fans....You know I could understand my weight if I sat on ym ass all day and ate. But I don't. I am not much of a snacker. I try to keep sweets out of the house. I mean come on, even my MIL when she was here told me I need to sit down and relax sometimes because she said I am always on the move! I don't understand. Yeah I am sick of being this size, but at this point what else do I do?
Ok my rant is over....if you read this then you can have one of Robin's fresh brownies! *L*

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