Sunday, January 10, 2010

Well I did it!

I scrapped my first page of the year! *L* Now I just need to get my butt in gear and get my things pulled back out from Christmas so I can scrap some more. I only have a ton of pics ready to scrap! Thanks for the inspiration Lissa

I gave Sissy a bath tonight. She has a thing about water...she LOVES to play in it!! She splashes the water out of the water bowl, she loves ice cubes, she likes to jump in the shower with I put her in the tub tonight to let her have some play time in the water. While she was in there I decided it was bath time. I was amazed when she dried...her hair is getting so curly, especially her tail!! How cute is that?

Friday, January 1, 2010


well it is that time of the year...New Years Day, and time for all of us to make resolutions. I am not going to overwhelm myself with resolutions this year and I am going to make only resolutions that are attainable. With that said, this year I resolve to:

1. Get back to scrapping more. I have really gotten off track with my scrapbooking and I miss that relaxation and creative outlet. I need to get my scrapbook stuff organized and USE it! I have so much stuff and so many pics I really need to get in gear.

2. Be a better blogger. If I do that, then I have a journal of sorts and something to reference back to when I want to know when something happened, and that will help me with my scrapping also.

3. To get healthier. Jim has had his gastric bypass surgery to get his diabetes under control(after a 2 year fight with insurance companies, so that is one less thing I have to worry about!!) and I plan on joining him in this goal to get healthier!

4. Get organized!!! I really need to get my home (especially the garage) organized!!

So on to resolution first blog post of 2010!! *LOL* This past year has been so overwhelmingly hectic so I am going to sum it up....

Jan...Jenny had the twins!!!

Feb...Jim tried to cut off his finger..well not technically...HE didn't TRY to cut it off, but he did cut it almost all the way off when he was making a rack for his mobile radio before our trip to see the twins and celebrate my prates 50th. We almost thought we weren't going to be able to go, but the dr gave him ok and off we went to Miss to see Jenny, Jon, Jonny, Sam and the new twins Alexander and Alexis and Ryann and Mariam. Then off to Ark to see Madi and Gavin, then to Kansas to celebrate mom and dad's 50th and see the whole famn damily!! *L* It was awesome! And finally up to Utah to see Shaun, Brit and Patrick.

March..I had surgery on my knee so I was home for 6 fun stuff! NOT *L*
But the surgery was a success and my knee is doing so much better now!

April...I actually scrapped some while I was off work! Yeah me!!

May...May means fairtime! I love going to the fair, especially to see the Doo Wah Riders. The last couple years the other concerts have been pretty crappy, so we have just gone to see the Doo Wah Riders, which is always a good thing! I went to my first pro baseball game, what fun! We saw the Angels play. I went back to work also.

June...We went to Mesa for my cousin's baptism, it was amazing!! Wow, could I feel the spirit!! Jamie and Miles met us there so we could pick up Jon and Kayden, and bring them back to CA with us for a while. We went to Tombstone while we were there..sooooo much fun! I want to go again!!

July...Let's see, while we had the kids we went to the beach and Knott's Berry Farm (in the same day!) we took the kids to see the fireworks dislay here. It was a hectic, busy and awesome month!! I took my Ham Radio test and passed!!! I am now a Ham radio operator and my call sign is K6JKM

August...The kids went back home and we miss them terribly. They had a blast, as did we. Jim's birthday was this month also!

Sept...I turned...50! Yikes, how is that possible? The big 5-0!! I also joined SATERN and Jim and I worked some of the fairs. We worked the LA county fair...on my birthday no less!! And Anne one of the other Ham radio ladies brought a cake for us all to share and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. It was SO much fun!! While browsing in one of the sheds (looking for scrapbooking entries...a huge disapointment I might add) we got stopped and asked if we liked to cook. *L* Ummm YEAH...well then the ladies asked if we would be interested in appearing in a new reality show they are working on....ummm NO! *L* We got sealed in the Redlands temple, Shaun was there with us along with some good friends. It was beautiful, but also turned into a very stressful time when we found out later that night that our paperwork had not been done correctly.

Oct...We celebrated our 10th anniversary!!! It doesn't seem possible that we have been married for 10 years. The years have flown by!! Jim had surgery for his cataract and he can now see perfectly out of that eye...the other eye will be done later. We worked for the SATERN booth at the Perris fair and we adopted Sissy, the day after our anniversary!! We also went to the Keller Peak picnic in Glen Helen. It was beautiful and such a fun time with friends.

Nov...We found out that Jim was approved for his gastic bypass surgery. What a whirlwind! It all happened so fast after his internest called the insurance company and let them have a piece of his mind! We also found out after the Stake Pres contacted the First Presidency that our sealing was approved. What a blessing this month has been!! So many prayers were answered!! And I in all my grace, broke my finger when I tripped over Sox in the middle of the night... OUCH!!!

Dec...We rang the bell in front of Walmart for the Salvation Army as SATERN reps. There were several dr appts and preparations for Jim's surgery, which took place on the 28th. Shaun, Brit and Patrick were here for Christmas!! The first time we have had any of our grandkids with us for Christmas and it was so much fun! Shaun stayed for a few more days to be here for the surgery and to be with me while Jim was in the hospital. And finally as a bit of trivia..New Years Eve night there was a full moon, the second of the month and the first one on New Years Eve since 1990. It is pretty rare to have a blue moon on New Yrs Eve, but during the 20th century there were 4... 1933, 1952, 1971 and 1990. The next one is in 2028 and after that not until 2066.