Friday, September 28, 2007

Scrap Pink!!

Join us at Treasures To Scrap this weekend for our online Scrap Pink crop!!! You won't wanna miss it!
(pssssst...just between us....TTS gives out awesome prizes...AND oppss...shhhh...there will be some great sales!!! and I mean GREAT!!!)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Think Pink!

Have you seen this amazing kit.. Our First Treasure Chest Collaborative Digital kit is full of so much product you won't know where to start and it seems as it never ends as there is so many things to choose from.
This month at TTS we are supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness Cause and proceeds from this kit will go towards it as well.

(click on image for a better view)

We also have kits for us paper scrappers.
Kit 1
Kit 2

AND that's not all!!! We have a sale going on this month in our paper store!

30% off all product except for Sept and BCA TTS kits until 9/30/2007

Use the Coupon Code: Tracysbirthday

Now if you buy $25 or more then give yourself 40% off with the coupon code: whatasteal

Friday, September 7, 2007

Ready for the weekend!!

TGIF!!! I did a lot of fall cleaning today! It was my first Friday off after my Friday customer's moved to WV. so I decided to use the time to do some cleaning in my own house. Well it turned into a whole day ordeal! But my house looks and smells so nice and clean now!! Just have a few little things to do so I will probably get some of them done tomorrow. but I wanna scrap this weekend too, so I wanted to get all my weekend stuff done today.

I have gotten a couple more digi pages done in the last couple days. Check my gallery at TTS for product info!

And while you are at TTS why not check out what we are doing this month to help in the fight for a cure for breast cancer
Scrap Pink
There is also a sale going on!!! Make sure you check the forums for more info on that also! And join us for our crop later this month!

Oh and before I go, I have to share a funny story about Madi. Last weekend we got a call from her mom, Tracy. Madi is now in middle school and....well you know how it is to be 13. *L* Last week was the first middle school football game. Madi was so upset that she wasn't able to go to it and todl Tracy that she was 'Ruining her social life'!!!!!!!!!!!! *L* Oh my goodness, the dramatics! All I can say is Thank God I no longer have teenagers! OMG it is even worse now than when my kids were kids, and my kids aren't THAT old, that I don't remember when they were teenagers!
Wanna know how ruined her social life is? She had 2 calls on her birthday to go do things with friends and had the dilema of trying to decide which one to do *L* and half the time when you call to talk to her...she isn't home...she is out somewhere with her friends. Glad to know her social life wasn't ruined for long!!! *L*

Monday, September 3, 2007

Quick Labor Day Post!

*L* Quick cause I am going to bed in a few but wanted to blog before I forget to!
Our blog challenge for the day is to tell what the changing of the seasons means to us. Since we don't have a lot of color in the fall, unless you take a trip out to the lake (which BTW is gorgeous!) it mostly means a change in the temps for me. And this summer I can NOT wait for that! It has been a LONG HOT summer! This week we have been over 100 for a few days again, with storms all around us so that makes the humidity go up. What's even more frustrating is to see the storms and none of them reaching you! *L* We can see them all around us, but because we are in a valley surrounded by mountains, a lot of the time the rain doesn't reach us. We did get to see some spectacular lightening though! And we did get a little...little being key here...rain on Friday. We have had only 3/4 of an inch of rain in 13 months! So we desperately need it! And we were soooooooooo hoping to get a serious downpour..but alas it wasn't to be for us.

I did get a couple pages done inbetween having to shut the comp down because of the lightening though! *L*

The first is using the Blueberry Creme kit by Wenchd Grafix Designs available at
DSO. The second one is a page I did for our fearless leader Tracy at TTS using the Birthday Kit by Ashley Bailey at

and finally a couple of older pages I did celebrating our fall. Jim took me for a drive up into the mountains just so I could get some fall pics to scrap! Isn't he a gem!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Just cause

Had a good day today. Slept in a bit, got to scrap a bit, had some friends over to play cards (even though I lost...again *L*)

I did see something rather disturbing today though. We took the girls to PetSmart. Of course Sox was in doggie heaven *L* but as we were getting there this couple, probably late teens, early 20's were walking into the store with one of their parents (lets not even go into what I would have to say to one of my kids if they were doing this!) but the gug had the girl on a leash! She had a collar around her neck and they went in to buy a choke chain for her! Ewwwwwww Have some respect for yourself woman!! How degrading can you get? Sad...just made me feel sickened and sad.

I found this on my comp tonight while looking for something *L* Just had to post it...cause I can and it made me LMAO. Madi found it while she was here and we were rolling! Fart Dance

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Jim found this story is one of those stories! ahhhhhhhhh stories

And here are some more of my recent pages...

The first two digi were done using Kristine's Spiced Toffee kit. Love these colors!!!(I did alter the color of the flower paper on the second LO to match the shirt I was wearingin the pics) And I used Di Hickman's Sept template for TTS also!

And some paper....The first one is using We R Memory Keepers, the paper sponsor at TTS this month and is a page for Nicole's Mission album. The next 2 are using kits from the TTS store and the last one is one of my new favs! I used one of the pics of Madi from the photo shoot she wanted to do the last night she was here. I love the pics I got of her and this one just begged to be scrapped!!

While you are at it, try and stop by TTS this month and join us for our Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month! We will be having a Scrap Pink the weekend of Sept 28th and 29th. We have paper kits and digi kits to purchase also, with proceeds going to the fight to find a cure for breast cancer.