Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Besides being almost THAT time...ugggg you gotta love having all the menopause symptoms..the wonderful hot flashes and night sweats, and day sweats *L* along with still having to put up with the monthly cramps and BS. Sometimes Mother Nature is NOT a nice lady!!

I went for a short time to a viewing for the husband of one of my customers last night. Thank goodness Jim took me, because I never would have found it! This is the customer I had a problem with a couple months back and ended up quitting there after working for them for 7 years. It was hard to quit because she was such a nice lady and I loved her to death! She was like a grandma to me kinda. I loved talking with her and her telling me the old stories from when she was a kid. And until the problem we had with him, I usually enjoyed him also (yeah there were a few times he would get grumpy and stuff..but I just chalked it up to old age). After I left, within a few weeks he had a heart attack, followed by a massive heart attack and a stroke. Then he ended up having to go into a nursing home. I didn't know any of this until his SIL called me to let me know he had passed away. It all happened so fast and after being with him for over 60 years she is now lost. But even she told me she had no idea how sick he really was, when I had to quit. I was worried he was getting dementia bad enough that he might become violent and it turns out he did just that after I left, and he went downhill so so fast!
You just never know. And dementia does not do good things to a persons mind. It is sad to see someone lose themselves like that.
Last night was filled with so much emotion for me. I have become so close to some of my customers that they are almost more like family than customers.

Before he got so sick, he reminded me of Santa Claus and she reminded me of Mrs. Claus *L* and there were times when I was cleaning that they would just sit in the loveseat holding hands while they watched tv. I always thought that was so sweet. So today I want to remember those times and the times when we would joke around and tease each other.
And I would like to pay tribute to him today, his services are today and he is getting a military funeral. He was a World War II vet and was at the Battle of the Bulge. So John Mills..here is to you today! May you rest in peace!!


Dawn said...

ooh Julie your post made me teary! I am glad he is at peace now , but know she must be terribly lonely! Big hug to you and prayers for her. I am glad you can be there for her.

NancyJones said...

awww I loved the part about them sitting on the love sseat holding hands while watching tv SO glad as well you were there fo rher