Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's a boy!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY

to Kayden! She is 3 years old today!!
Britney had her ultrasound today also and it is a BOY and Brit thinks she felt the baby move today! Of course Shaun is so excited and says the next few months are going to drag *L* What a guy! Now it really gets exciting!

I have the next couple days off, so I am hoping to get caught up with some things online and shampoo my carpet, which desperately needs it!
The weather forecast for us for the next few days is rain!! Rain glorious rain! Maybe a little snow with it also. I am crossing my fingers!!

Well today is going to be short and sweet..but before I go I will leave you with a new page.

I made this using Dawn Inskip's Land Of Make Believe Kit
available at Treasures To Scrap Digi Store

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome to my world! *L*

Man, don't you hate it when you have sometime typed out and then BAM lose it all? I had all this stuff written on my blog and I went to add a pic to it and my pop up blocker came up...I hit allow pop ups here..and it took me right back to an empty page!! argggggggg So you are going to get the condensed version *L*

I was talking about how busy we had been..yeah making excuses why I hadn't blogged in almost 2 months *L* and how 2 of my neices had been out to visit over the new years. Mal asked me to take her senior pics and we had so much fun with that! While her and Chels were here I took over 400 pics and well over 100 of them were just senior pics! I am glad I am not her mom, and I don't have to decide what pics I want to use, cause I would want them all!! I did do a 2 page spread using some of the pics....that is the one I was going to post when blogger wiped me out *L* So cross your fingers that it won't happen again while I try to post it this time!

Well since it is getting late now, I will just add some of my other recent pages and projects...(I wish I could add something I made for my cousin for her birthday...but she reads my blog...*L* and I want it to be a surprise whenever she is finally able to get it from my mom!! Hi Tina!! *L* Love ya and miss you!!)

And some Digital pages

I would like to ask for your prayers for Trevor, who is not doing very well right now. If you would like to read more about Trevor you can go here Tracys blog(scroll down to read about Trevor) This Family needs all the prayers we can send up!!

And finally...if you believe there is ANY justice in the world, pray that the guy in this story gets the absolute maximum sentence he can get for what he did. These poor families have lost 2 good kids..all because this maniac decided he wanted to have some 'fun'. If it were up to me, he would die the same way he killed them.