Monday, October 29, 2007


We are officially on vacation! Woohooooo! I have spent the day getting some chores done that I have been putting off so that feels good. The newsletter for TTS is done and will be posted soon (I will have to share the link here for you guys), tomorrow the Elders will be here for lunch and a visit and we have a Halloween party to go to at the church tomorrow night...after that the rest of the vacation time is my own!!!!!!! Scrap room here I come!!!
We also got some exciting news last week. We are going to be grandparents again!!! Shaun and Britney are expecting thier first!! We couldn't be happier for them or more excited!

Speacking of scrapping...we are going to be starting a new contest at TTS in Nov and this one is jam packed full of prizes!! Want a chance to win $100 in scrapping prizes??? Well then make sure you come check us out!! Is that an awesome prize or what?? And there will be other pirzes also! You do NOT want to miss this one!

Here is another pic from our weekend. These are the Elders who have been giving me my lessons. These guys ROCK!!! I love these guys and will miss them when they have tranfers.

Since blogger is letting me post pics I am finally going to get some more of my pages uploaded! *L*
First some paper....

And some Digi....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A special visit

On Wed. while we were waiting for the Elders to come to the house for our lesson, Jim got a phone call. I couldn't figure out who he was talking to, when he got off the phone he had a look of....hmmmmm shock, confusion, bewilderment, wonder. Turns out it was the Stake President's secretary wanting to set up a time for the Stake President and one of the Area Seventies, a General Authority to come visit us Saturday afternoon.
So since I am new to the church I am surprised and shocked. Why would a General Authority want to come to OUR house? I mean....we are nobody. I immediately go into panic mode. This has to be done and that has to be done!! Of course I didn't get everything done that I wanted to have done, but I got a lot of things done, things that had been on my list of things to do for this week while we are on vacation. So now that they are done I can scrap and relax and catch up on some other things.

Fast forward to today. Oh needless to say, I haven't slept much the last few days because I am so nervous and anxious, constantly wondering 'Why us'?? So now the house is ready, neither one of us can sit still so we are basically pacing the floor. And they arrive, President Saunders and Brother Tenney(the General Authority).
Talk about a spiritual experience! We sat at the dining room table to talk. It was so awe inspiring and one of those WOW experiences! Bro. Tenney told us that he had asked all of the Bishops in the Stake to make a list of member family's to turn into him. Then they were to pray on which family's they needed to visit. Out of like 3000 people, our names was one of the 3 family's who they said Heavenly Father told them they should meet. I feel so not worthy of this honor! Wow! All of the things that have happened over the last month or more have told me that this is the church that I have been searching for years for. Brother Tenney gave Jim a mission to accomplish, which he has already done, we visited some more(and I told him I planned on being baptised the Saturday after Thanksgiving) before President Saunders led us in prayer, then Jim asked if we could get a couple of pictures together before they left (T told me if I didn't she would come down here and hurt me!! *LOL*). It was just such an amazing meeting! I had chills for I don't know how long after they left, so did Jim!
Tonight we had an adult meeting at the church and we listened to some amazing inspiring speeches, and we got to talk with Brother Tenney again for a short time. When Jim told him he was emailing him the pics tonight, Bro Tenney told him they would be going in his journal. Wow, to think we are going to be in one of the Area Seventies journal!
Ok so I probably sound like I am babbling *L* But I have found that after going to a meeting, or sacrament, or whatever...I always feel so uplifted afterwards! That also tells me I am where I need to be and this is what I need to be doing! I am sure there is something I am forgetting, but this last few days have been a whirlwind!!

I guess I should post my pics (so T can see!! *L* This is for you T!!! ((hugs)) )

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tag you're it!

I have been tagged *L* By Fe :)
Here's the deal:
7 Random Facts I must post. So read them, comment on them & then check to see if your name is in the 7 I tag. If it is, list 7 Random Facts about yourself & pass on the tag to 7 people.

Hmmmm this is always so challenging for me *L* So let's see what I can come up with that most of you don't already know (since I am an open book anyway, right? *L*)

1. I love shooting! My fav gun is the S&W Model 19 Combat Magnum(357) although I am liking Jim's little Taurus also. AND I am a darn good shot if I do say so myself!

2. I take my pillow with me whenever I travel.

3. I love to cook, but hate cleaning up afterwards!

4. I have weird eating habits. For example I don't like my food to touch *L* unless it it a casserole, or meat and potatoes. But my veggies can not touch my other food!! I usually eat the edges of sandwiches, pizza, toast, etc first and the middle last. And I sort my M&M's by color, saving the blue ones for last, except with Reese's I eat the middle first and save the outside for last *L* Yeah I am weird!!

5. By the time I was 13 I had gone to 13 different schools, all in different towns.

6. Jim and I met online and were married 6 months after we started talking.

7. My wedding day started with a 7.1 earthquake!

Ok now who do I want to tag? How about...


So on to life and whats been up. We've been watching the fires out here in So Cal. There are at last count (6 pm news) 16 fires in Southern Cal!! We are watching the one's behind us in the mountains. The fires we can see are in the Big Bear area...Running Springs, Lake Arrowhead and all around in there. Some of these have been accidental, some arson. All I can say is I hope they catch the one responsible for the arson fires! How anyone could be so cruel, sick and uncaring is beyond me! It makes me cry seeing all that these people have lost. :( Jim had one lady comment to him at work the other day...."What's the big deal? They probably have insurance, so they can rebuild." WHAT? Well she needs to be smacked down too. How dare someone say something so....crass! The big deal is people have lost thier possessions....yes they are just 'things' but look around many things could you honestly bear to lose if you had to pack up your car and head out of Dodge in a short time? You can't take it all, and you know what you don't take may not be there when you get back. Of course you would take your children, pets, important papers...but then what else? Your pictures? Your computer (after all most of us have our pictures downloaded to them and if we are scrappers a lot of us have our pages saved on them)? Special items that have been handed down from generation to generation? Seriously...look around you and then tell me that that woman's remark is not the most uncaring thing you have ever heard! I don't know about you, but I have poured my heart and soul into my home and yes it would break my heart to leave behind the things that hold a special place in my heart. are some of the pictures we took from the backyard. As the crow flies the fire is roughly 12 miles away from us, so we are in no danger! Just want my family and friends in KS to know that! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bad Blogger!!

bad bad bad blogger!!! Yes I have been really, REALLY bad about blogging. I think I need about 10 more hours in a day to get everything done that I want to do!!
Where have I been? Work, housework, yardwork, talking classes for church, and yes Jim and I have started going to church again! And I am going to get baptisted!! Don't know the date yet, but will post it when I know :) I have been thinking about going back to church for some time and it just felt like it was the right we are going again. I haven't gone for years....years and years. Only going for weddings and funerals.
I know it is no excuse, but when I lived in KS, I didn't go for about 25 yrs...well I did go a couple times, and I took the kids to VBS. But the people there were so....2 faced! I hated it!! Hated going to church to have people be nice to you there, and yet they would see you around town and stick their noses in the air at you. No way for a Christian to behave! SO I quit going. Couldn't stand the hypocrits. Ok, getting off my soapbox now *L*
I have been scrapping! Really I have! *L* As proof here are some of the pages I have gotten done.

Using TTS Treasure Chest September 2007 collabrative
kit (proceeds donated to help in the fight for breast cancer)

For the World Scrapping Tour

Using Manuela ZimmermansPure Nature kit

Using Deanna Patterson'sTilly kit and Di Hickman & Mad Scrapper Designs collabrative kit Fiendish Friends

And now blogger has decided to be a pill and won't let me post any more pics tonight, so I will try again in a day or two!!
Oh and before I go....Happy Anniversary to my wonderful hubby Jim!!! 8 wonderful years together!!! I WOULD do it all again! I love you baby!!!