Sunday, December 24, 2006

What a day!

We actually got to sleep in today! Can you start Christmas Eve any better than that? And then to get a Mike's 50% off coupon in the paper, so of course I had to go there after breakfast. They had fantastic sales on the Christmas items. I picked up a gingerbread house kit to make with the kids when we go out to KS in the spring.
Charlie came by, and during his visit we learned that his Christmas plans had changed also, so we invited him and C to come over for dinner tomorrow. That will make the day feel more like Christmas! But we planned on getting him and C a gift during our trip, and since that got changed and instead of coming over for New Year's to exchange gifts we needed to get something NOW!
Jim called mom's house this morning to 'Spread the love' and we got to talk to my neice JJ, my daughter Jamie, granddaughter Kayden and grandson Jon. Kayd is so cute and sweet, she doesn't talk much but she said 'I love you grandma Julie' Ahhhhhhhh and said hi to Sally. I swear Jon has aged 5 years in the last few months! He sounds so much older than 6. When he is done talking...he is done...'Ok I am going to let you go now' *LOL* He can be talking your leg off and all of a sudden he says that. Loved talking to JJ, it has been so long since I talked to or have seen her. Jamie said she was taking lots of pics for me. I love it!
After getting the stuffing made and the bird stuffed, Jim and I went out in search of an Applebee's gift card. Not wanting to drive clear across town to get one we go to Staters...nothing, so on to Vons..nothing! Walmart here we come! Only to find out they are *gasp* CLOSED! What now? We see Steer and Stein is open and knowing they like to eat there, we decide to get a GC for each of them there. Thank goodness they were open!

OMG the food smelled soooo good, but we had to get home so I could make dinner since Jo wasn't with us. Here it is coming upon 7:30, I'm searching for something to make that is fast, so I throw on a couple HB patties and go to make a box of Pasta Roni...quick and easy! Right? Wrong! *L* I dump everything in the pan only to find out there are bugs in the pasta!!! Uggggggg gotta dump it all and start over, so I just make buttered noodles. I gotta stop buying that crap, because 9 times out of 10 there have been bugs in it! During all this I am making No Bake Cookies, because C told me those were his fav, I figure I will throw them in with his GC. They are quick and easy too, and I figure I will get them done before Jo even sees I am making them. WRONG again! Uggg Double ugg!!!! She of course has to come see what I am doing and gives me a hard time because I am making 'MORE cookies???' I wanted to tell her to go sit on the couch and leave me alone! But she had to watch everything I did then and chuckle the whole time, asking me if I knew what I was doing, because these are no bake cookies and she had never heard of them. No, I don't have a clue what I am doing! Once they are done, I give her a piece and she finds out they are really good!

Madi and Jenny called tonight also, so Madi could thank us for her DVD player. Jim had her totally stumped this year! *L* We will get to talk to the other kids the day after Christmas when Jenny gets them back from thier dad and they open the gifts we sent.

Then the girls need a bath. They look so pretty and shiney now and smell so good! Tomorrow they get their humongous bones we got them for Christmas.

Oh and here is a magnet I made for my cousin Tina, I don't have a pic of the one I made for Brit because somehow it got deleted off my camera..haven't figured out how I did that one, and I have a couple more that I will take pics of later. Thanks for the inspiration Abby!!! Anyway, here is my T!

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Dang, I didn't know this blogger thing was so complicated! I have been playing with this thing for over an hour trying to figure it out. With time I guess huh? But with the week we have had, that shouldn't surprise me *L* (I am hoping this picture thing works) *crossing my fingers*
As most of you know, we started the week with big plans to go to Utah to see Shaun and Brit, then head on to CO and KS for the holidays. We had been watching the forecast on the weather channel for days and days...keeping track of the ten day forecast and all and everything looked perfect! Then Tuesday night they added flurries to the forecast for the Denver area. Well, I think by now we all know what happened with that forecast! Why is it that when the weather forecasters forecast a small amount of snow that is when you usually get nailed BIG time? Anyone else ever notice that? And when they forecast a big storm it turns into..NOTHING!

So here I sit. *L* Yes, you guessed it. I am at home. Talk about the Christmas that wasn't. *L* We exchanged gifts with each other at home Wed night so we wouldn't have to haul all that with us, and besides with everything else we were taking to get rid of along with the gifts and suitcases we didn't have room for them anyway.
We head up to Provo Thursday morning. Everything is good. Took longer than we planned, usually takes 8 hours it took us 10 1/2 because of snow they got last weekend, there was still some black ice so we slowed down in Utah. And there were no cheese curds at the dairy (boohoo *L*) But I did get my ice cream! Yumm

We get up there and have a blast with Shaun and Brit. MIL on the other hand about drive DH nuts! We definately think she has Alzheimers. She kept asking how much farther we had to go. Oie vay!!
Well, we decide maybe we shouldn't go to CO and KS after all because some of the places we would have to go through got over 50 inches of snow and we couldn't see any possible way they would have that all cleared off the roads in time. So we decide we might as well head home.

I did get to go to Pebbles though and spent way too much money, but had a blast, and I just used some of the money I had been saving for this trip, but since we weren't going to be able to go. I also got to meet Dawn from TTS and that was tooo much fun!!

She is such a CUTIE and we had too much fun in Pebbles!! And I also met Lara who used to be on the DT at the Jungle, and she wasn't helping matters *L* she just fed my paper addiction! Jim got to go to Sportsman's Warehouse and I went to Roberts.
Oh, lets not forget I got to go to Chuck-A-Rama (I LOVE LOVE LOVE their rolls!!! *L*)

Then we hit to road to venture home. We get barely outside of Provo, the roads are slick because they have been getting light snow most of the morning, and we are driving along, doing good when I feel something and MIL and I both say at the same time 'What was that!?'...Jim looks in his side mirror and sees this little car sliding across the freeway! She had gone into a slide, hit our rear end and was heading to the center divider. Her car was pretty banged up but everyone was ok. We got a dented bumper and rear quarter panel and we are all fine. (Jim is taking it like a man *L*, as long as he has his blankie and can suck his thumb...because his baby is dented *LOL*)

By now we knew for sure we were going no where but home, we have gotten way too many signs that we shouldn't be taking this trip. We did get to stop at the diary on the way home and they had cheese curds this time!! YEAH!!! It took us 12 1/2 hours to get home and we were exhausted when we got here late last night, but at least we are all safe. And our furbabies were overjoyed to see us!!!

Jim says I need to do a double page about the Christmas that wasn't *L* I told him I would probably be doing a couple double pages!
Oh, I did find some of the Bohemia paper at Pebbles!! It is awesome, and the rubons are to DIE FOR!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

I guess it is that time

Time for me to jump into the world of blogging! I figure it will be a good place for me to keep track of things, play and to vent...and I need to vent a lot these days. So here I go, jumping in with both feet!!