Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Thanks to

Nancy, I may have this blog thing updated every day!! *L* Today's challenge is to make a list of 'What in your lifetime has only happened to you once?'

1. Got divorced. Never ever ever wantto go through that again. Although it was totally necessary and should have been done long before it was, I still would never want to be divorced again!

2. Sang kareoke

3. Went to Boston.

4. Weekendend in San Francisco

5. Won tickets to a concert...Brooks and Dunn at that!!

6. Had surgery for a tumor.

7. Had a suspicious mammogram...NEVER want that to happen again...scary stuff!!!

8. Had a sibling killed in a car accident.

I'm sure there are more but that is what I can think of right now. So I am off to take a nap...something I try to do at least once a day!! *LOL*

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NancyJones said...

AWESOME job girly! LOVE me some brooks and dunn!! hehe