Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where has the time gone?

I swear the older I get the more the time flies and the more behind I get! How did it get to be almost Dec already? Where did this year go? I don't even know where this last month went!
Ok let's see....I finished my classes that I needed for my baptism. Shaun, Brit, Jonny and Sammie came out for Thanksgiving and my baptism. That was the big stuff...I guess between all that and cleaning the house for fall, cleaning the garage and yard work it kinda flew by before I knew what happened!

Sooooo Dec is starting this weekend!! Do you have your Christmas shopping done? We do..almost. Just a few little things to pick up and I need to get some stuff for Jim! I still need to make some Christmas cards and some gifts. I guess I better get on the ball huh?

You need homemade gift ideas? If you you should pop over to TTS this weekend because we are having a Christmas crop!! There will be challenges, games, chats, prizes and lots and lots of inspiration to get you going on those gift ideas!!

With that in mind I will leave you with some pics from my baptism and some of my recent pages.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Good start to the weekend

I had a good start to the weekend this morning! Even though we both slept through the alarm *L* On my way to work the radio station I listen to was giving away the new Garth Brooks hits cd/dvd set. I kept calling and getting a busy signal, then it rang..I figured ok I am probably caller 9 or 10....they wanted 11. When the DJ asked me my name and I told him he informed me I was 11!! wooohoooo I was wanting this set!!!

Welp, not much going on the last couple of days. So I will just post some of ym recent pages.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I hope you have

a strong stomach. Because this news report will make your stomach turn! But you really need to see it anyway! Want to know how clean your motel room is? Or the things in it?
Motel news report

Good lord, I know when I worked at Comfort Inn there is no way in the world I would have done anything like that! Granted we had wrapped glasses, so each customer got new glasses, but I also know that the Howard Johnson down the street from us only used water to do thier cleaning. That grossed us all out! Talk about unsanitary! ewww ewww ewwwww!

Ok now I am gonna have my vent for the day. Customers....some...not all by any means. But one in particular. Has a PHD but no common sense! Why, after countless times of being told..if you want extra work done, schedule more time or tell me what you want me to skip....leaves me yet another note with a list of extra things to do. the one that really torked me off....because I do the others on a regular basis anyway....but the one that chapped my hide today was her wanting me to wipe down all their doors! We are talking at least 12 figure front and back that is 24. Where am I supposed to find the time for this? Heck if I know!!!!!!!!! Let's see, even if I give myself 5 minutes to wipe down each door that is an hour right there, and that is pushing it! Oh but not only that...last time thier vacumn was not working right, so I let her know. She says it is fixed now. So I go to vacumn off the fireplace and pull out the hose and things start flying out at me! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Obviously the vacumn is NOT fixed!!! She said she had taken it outside and shook it and a bunch of lint came it was fixed. *sigh* This is the same one, who when she told me to change her sheets one week..but failed ot leave them out for me....when I left her a note telling her I don't know where her sheets are kept...left me a note saying....they are in the pillowcases! (a Martha Stewart thing) Ummmmmmmmm HELLO???? If I don't know where the sheets are...I think it is fair to say that I don't know where the pillowcases are either! *DUH* As for the vacumn cleaner....these people make more money than they know what to do with and she keeps buying these piece of crud $50 vacumns! Buy a good one and this may not happen all the time! I was so frustrated by the end of the day I wanted to sit down and cry....doesn't help that my back is hurting again from the car accident, so that is obviously something that is always going to be with me. I need another vacation already!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Have you seen it??

Comet Holmes! Here is a couple of links for more info on it. Jim and I were able to see it tonight with the naked eye, although we used the binoculars also for an even better view.
Sky and Telescope Comet Holmes

Friday, November 2, 2007

Shooting, Scrapping and Harold!

Jim and I went out for dinner tonight. Outback...yummmmmmmm. When we left, we decided we hadn't been in World Market in forever so we walked over to do some window shopping. While there Jim found...Harold!!!! *LOL* As you can see Harold is a Jr fan also :)

World Market has some of the most awesome Christmas ornaments! But there are some that I don't quite understand. If you can explain them to me please do!!! The pig ornaments...hmmmmm and the frog ornaments....and the dill pickle ornaments. What is thier significance? On the drive home though we decided that I have got to get Britney one of the dill pickle ornaments to commemorate her pregnancy. *L* She is gonna kill me for that!

Since we are on vacation this week we decided to go do some early shooting yesterday morning. Great time to do it since there's hardly anyone around then. I had a great day!! Was interesting though. While we were there all of a sudden 2 deputies came up asking Jim if his name was Philip. Seems someone had parked at one of the truckers cafe's next to the range, had left their door open with ammunition inside the car and there was a hole cut into the fence! Yikes! There hasn't been anything in the paper, so we are wondering what the heck was going on! But here is my target

And Jim's target

Finally...scrapping! Although I haven't had the chance to do a lot of scrapping during vacation, I have gotten a couple done.
Love these pics of Madi I found on my camera after she was here this summer *L* Gotta love the silly self=portraits! The next page is Madi's baptism. TTS is our sponsor this month on the web site, so T (site co-owner) sent me missionary papers to scrap Shaun's Mission pics. Jeremiah 1:5 is a picture of Kayden's ultrasound. We had a challenge at TTS to scraplift Nancy Jones. The last page is digi and I used Di Hickman's Nov template at TTS.