Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I have been a very bad girl about keeping up with them lately :(
So today I am going to kill 2 birds with 1 stone! *L*

Teri Lynn issued a challenge to us today to describe what would be our Perfect day. Just a normal day, not anything fancy smancy. My perfect day would be a quiet one. NO work, none nada zip zero!! A day with no pain, absolutely zero! I wouldn't have to cook any meals, no housework...ok maybe a little yard work because I love working in my yard. If I can dream a little...having a maid for that day would be awesome! *L* Temps in the 70's, no wind except for a slight breeze. And scrap...just be able to lock myself in my room and spend the whole day doing nothing but scrapping. Oh and sleeping in, sleeping in and cuddling with Jim before we get out of bed. Now that would be my perfect day. Can it last ohhhh about 100 hours?? *L*

And since I missed it yesterday because it was a long day at work and I was simply worn out....Nancy's challenge was to list 12 things I have to be happy about today.

1. That I am married to a wonderful man and I am thankful for that everyday!

2. My grandkids are all happy and healthy.

3. Family stuff has worked itself out for the most part and I have a great relationship with my stepkids now!

4. I have a job, that even though I am not terribly fond of, it is still a job and that is better than some have.

5. I have good friends where I live and online that I love dearly!

6. My garden is looking pretty good!!

7. My yard is really shapping up. It will always be a work in progress but it looks better all the time.

8. Our neighbor who dug up some of his strawberry plants and brought some to us, so I can start a strawberry bed.

9. Even though the accident has left me with some pain, I am relieved it wasn't worse than it was, because I keep reading stories in the newspaper about the same type of accident we were in, only the person hit didn't survive. So I thank God that we are still here and it wasn't worse than it was! (at least 5 accidents have been in the paper in the last 2 mo just like the one we were in, where the person didn't survive)

10. It looks like my daughter's worker's comp may go through for her! I am so happy about that because it has been a struggle for her!

11. Gas prices have started going down a little!!! wooohooo!! *L*

12. It's hump day!! The weekend is almost here and the next 2 work days are easier ones!

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La Tonya said...

I love your perfect day! Especially the 100 hours part:) You and I have a lot in common;)