Tuesday, November 30, 2010

uh oh

Yeah as usual I am behind...surprise surprise! I need about 3 more of me to go around and some extra days in the week...then maybe I could get everything done that I want to do! *LOL*
Have I done any more scrapping? Well....yes and no. I haven't made any more pages lately, but I did get Austynn a little animal book made and since I haven't posted since June...I did make Mal and Tyler a cook book for their wedding gift, with some family recipes in it.
Oh and I have definately boughten (is that a word? oh well if it wasn't before it is now!) supplies! And I do still browse scrappy sites and read my scrappy magazines *L* That counts doesn't it? And thanks to Kathy for sending me the link to a new blogPurple Pumpkin. Oh how I wish I could order some kits!! Anyway, go check it out and check out the cool give-away!!