Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm exhausted!!

Why is it whenever we have to change the clocks no matter if it is ahead or back, I am always exhausted for a while? Uggggg Here it is barely 9 pm and I want to fall into bed!!! *L*

It's been a fun and eventful week. The church Halloween party was Thursday, Friday we went out for our belated anniversary dinner and listened to the scanner until way was a crazy Halloween night for sure! Saturday we slept in and then went to the Prop 8 rally. And it rained!!! It was wonderful!!! It was cool, but not cold and this was the first rally I have ever gone to and participated in.

We had lots of people honk and give us thumbs up and a few that flipped us off. *L* Oh well! We even had people stop and ask if they could join us. That was very cool!

And the guys in this car were almost falling out of us to give us thumbs up and cheer us on!

When we got home I got some wonderful shots of the raindrops in my roses!!

Today after church I had the kids in Sunday School and it was the first time I felt really really good about how class went. I have struggled with this whole teaching thing. And today I was left without teaching material and a helper again and I just decided to run with it, and wow it went sooo well!! I decided to involve the kids more in the class and they loved it. instead of just trying to 'teach' them, I involved them in the whole class.
Jimmade his incredible clam chowder for us to have after church today and with the weather being chilly it was the perfect way to warm us up!

Oh and before I forget, Jamie sent me pics of
Kayden in her Halloween costume and Shaun sent us pics of

Patrick in his! they are sooooooooooooooo stinking cute!!!

Finally I will leave you with some pics of our outside fall decorations :) Happy Fall ya'all!!