Friday, July 27, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

She's baaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Madi that is *L* I tried to post this on Sunday but LB was rolling around on my keyboard and in the middle of a LO upload he X'ed me out!! arrggggg.
So anyway, we picked up Madi in St. George on Saturday. Was good to have her back! On the way home we stopped in Vegas and went through Treasure Island over to the Wynn. Wowzers is the Wynn incredible! I don't think we could afford to breath the air in there though...can we say dripping with money? Filty rich!!! But it was gorgeous!!! I love just walking around Vegas looking at the incredible architecture!
I will have to post some pics.

And here are the LO's I was trying to upload when LB rolled over my keyboard and kicked me off of here. *L*
First some LO's using July's sponsor product from TTS, the Salamander Jon caught and they have been raising *L* Then Ry and Miriam's new floor in their first house, they did the work themselves. Then we have Missy sleepign on one of Jim's work shirts. She loves making a nest in his work shirts when he gets home from work, then she will sleep there half the night. Mext is Kayden my little angel baby in her Halloween costume from 2006.
And finally I have 2 pages using the Hula Whoop kit from WenchedGrafix. I am so loving this kit for my beach/Seaworld pics!!!

And last but not are a couple pics from the past week. Madi in the Wynn, my sunflower in the backyard and some pics we took tonight of the prints we found of a mountain lion who is visiting us again...yikes!!!! his paw print measured over 4" and his stride was around 5'!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hump day!!!

The week is half over!! Woohooo I am home sick today, but I hadn't originally planned on staying home today, had planned on working but my costomer called and canceled because they are on vacation. That works for me though cause I feel like shit today! I wish my nose had a spicket I could turn off cause it won't stop running! I feel achy all over and can't stop sneezing. Last night I thought it was just my allergies because we have had so much wind, but now I am not so sure.
I wanna scrap but I feel like sleeping. This had better pass soon cause we are going to St. George Saturday morning to pick up Madi!! I do not want to travel for 5 hours 1 way feeling like this and I sure don't want to pass it on to Madi. So I am loading up on vitamins in case it is a bug.

I have done some scrapping while she has been gone though. I did the paper ones this past weekend and the digi ones the last couple of days.

How many of you watch Big Brother?? OMG I wanted to call Madi last night when it was on to see if she had watched! We have been watching it together. I SO do NOT like that Jen!!! OMG I want to reach through my tv screen and slap the piss right out of her!!!!! As you can tell I am hopelessly addicted to BB. It is the only reality show I watch and I do get into it! As you can obviously tell! *LOL*

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Thats me! OMG how can it have been 2 weeks since I posted on my blog! I am so lame! But I have been busy! Really I have! Jim and I picked up Miss Madi at the Vegas airport on the 3rd and we have been keeping busy ever since. That same day in 115 degree temps we went to Hoover Dam! It was AWESOME! Loved it! I will be posting pics of that soon.
SO how am I am to blog now you ask? Because she is staying with her Uncle Shaun, Aunt Britney, Aunt Jenny and Jonnie and Sam for the week, so I am playing a massive game of catch-up!!! *LOL*

We have been busy sewing, sewing and sewing some more! Madi wanted me to help her make a dress for Halloween. She wants to be Paris Hilton *LOL* So she wanted this super snazzy dress for the occasion (she said she might also get some handcuffs to wear with the dress *LMAO*) and the dress has actually turned out much prettier and snazzier than we had envisioned! It is gorgeous if I do say so myself! Madi helped cut it out and has even helped sew a little of it. She is really learning how to sew and while I ended up doing most of the sewing on the dress, she has been making little things for the pets. *L* Poor pets! They are so not used to being dressed up!!!
We even spent the night scrapping last Friday night! Madi made a paper bag album! How cool is that? She still wants to ink the edges, but when she is done I will post pics of the finished product. She saw one of the paper bag albums I made for Jim and asked him if he thought I would help her make one also. Oh heck yeah, you know it! Anything that gives me a chance to scrap *L* I am gonna jump on it!

Oh and guess what? I have been selected to join the Creative Team for Kristine Pocock / WenchdGrafix!! How exciting is that!!!

So now, here are the things I have done in the last 2 weeks!!

For TTS Sponsor...Around the Block

For TTS Sponsor Kelley McDonald

For TTS Sponsor Summer Simmons

For Di's Template Challenge at TTS

For Kristine/WenchdGrafix

And if you get a chance, drop into TTS and check out our Scrapjacked game we are playing for the next few days! We are having challenges, prizes, and even a sale while T is playing in Vegas..but shhhhhhh don't tell on us!! *L*