Saturday, January 27, 2007

I just don't understand

I have to ask myself sometimes, what is wrong with people these days? Ok, so some of it is my oldest son turning 31 in a few days...why don't some people ever grow up? Why do some people blame others for everything they do wrong and not take responsability ofr it themselves? So maybe he learned that from his dad, or maybe my ex MIL ..heck no maybe to that ex MIL played a BIG part in the way he is now. Why she would never listen to anyone when we told her to stop....I hope she sees what she has done and is ashamed of it.

Anyway....I saw a couple of parents today and I was shocked at how they spoke to thier young children. No wonder kids act the way they do now!! OMG I would have never dreamed of talking to my kids like this. I was coming out of Walmart and this guy was yelling at his kid...he was maybe 4 yrs old and he was helping his dad get bags out of the cart...handing them to his dad...his dad was going off on him....'I will just get rid of that fucking bike'!!!! OMG! I just shook my head. Another lady in the parking lot heard it and she did the same, I told her, yeah and people wonder why the little kids talk like they do. *DUH* When your mom or dad is talking to you like that...HELLO!!!!!

Then we stopped at KMart after taking Josephine to church and Jim was in the garden section (I was looking at b-day cards for my son) and a lady had her daughter in the cart...she was about Kayden's age Jim said, and the woman was going off on her daughter. 'We are just going to go home because you are being a fucking bitch!' OMG!!!!! To someone who is only about 2 yrs old!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PARENTS!!!!!!! Ok, we all have bad days, but you don't talk to your kid like that and then wonder why they smart off and cuss at you later on, and wonder why they have no respect for anyone as they grow up! GET A LIFE! AND A BRAIN for crying out loud! It just made me feel really sad for these kids.

Ok, on the lighter side of things....
45 of the most random things you probably never needed to know about someone

whats your name spelt backwards? eiluj
What did you do last night? Took MIL to Target, ate at Farmer Boys
The last thing you downloaded onto your computer? Works Suite
Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery? Yeah, hasn't everyone?
Last time you swam in a pool? 7 1/2 years ago
What are you wearing? flannel pj's
How many cars have you owned? over 10
Type of music you dislike most? Rap Crap
Are you registered to vote? yes
Do you have cable? Yup
What kind of computer do you use? Custom made
Ever made a prank phone call? Yah when I was a kid...Do you have Prince Albert in a can?
You like anyone right now? Yeah, I like a lot of people
Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? NEITHER!
Furthest place you ever traveled? Dominican Republic
What's your favorite comic strip? Zits, Baby Blues
Do u know all the words to the national anthem?: Yes I do, and I can also spell the word "you."
Shower, morning or night? night
Best movie you've seen in the past month? You, Me and Dupree
Favorite pizza toppings?: Sausage, mushrooms, LOTS of cheese
Chips or popcorn?: How about chocolate?
What cell phone provider do you have? Verizon
Have you ever smoked peanut shells? people really do that???
Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? ROTFLMAO RIGHT!!!!!!!! NOT!
Orange Juice or apple? Apple
Who were the last people you sat at lunch with? Jim and Jo
favorite chocolate bar? Snickers
Who is your longest friend and how long? Tina, over 40 yrs
Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? This summer
Have you ever won a trophy? Not for myself, won one on a team
Favorite arcade game? Pac Man
Ever ordered from an infomercial? Yeah
Sprite or 7-UP?: Sprite
Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work? Yeah, when I worked at the motel
Last thing you bought at Walgreens? ragu
Ever thrown up in public? no
Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love? Well I have found true love, does that mean I get to be a millionare now!!??
Do you believe in love at first sight? Oh yeah
SPONGEBOB OR JIMMY NEUTRON? neither...I like the older cartoons best, but out of these 2....Spongebob
Did you have long hair as a young kid? Oh my yes! Past my butt!
What message is on your voicemail machine? Hi this is Jim and Julie....bla bla bla
Where would you like to go right now? to bed
Whats the name of your pet? Which one? I only have 13 of them! Sox, Sally, Missy, Dexter, Ghost, Salem, Bear, Sammie, Puff, Gracie, Ollie, Cleo, Lil Boy
What kind of back pack do you have, and what's in it? I don't have a backpack, but I have a cropper hopper full of all kinds of stuff!!!
What do you think about most? The kids and grandkids

Monday, January 22, 2007

Calgon take me away!!

Gosh last week sucked! Between MIL getting/feeling sick...well stomach cramps she said, but the dr couldn't find anything wrong and she suddenly felt so much was a 'miracle' she says. Ohhhhhhhhhhk.
But then she fell, has a big bruise on her hip, but it doesn't hurt her thank God! How did she fall? She had a wild hair that she had to get up on the footstool and dust the top of the entertainment center. *sigh* I don't know what ever possesed her to do that. I worry about her falling a lot anyway, so this didn't help. I told her NO MORE footstools!
Then the garage flooded. Luckily nothing was ruined but I am still trying to get the carpet dried. Hopefully tomorrow with the warmer temps it will dry. I am going to open the garage doors to get some air flow through there.
The kids got their Christmas box and loved their gifts! But 'I' forgot to put in one of Jon's gifts *duh* so I am sending him out another box. Kayd loved her kitchen set and play foods! *L* I got to talk to her and Jon on Yahoo also and Jamie took pics that I am going to have to scrap, so cute!!!
I'm still feeding Ghost by hand. He is getting better, more active, but I will be so relieved when he finally starts eating on his own. I don't know if he is the one peeing around the house, but ugggggg that is getting real old real fast!

This week has to be better right? *crossing my fingers* But it isn't starting out that way *L* MIL made jello and spilled it across the kitchen floor and didn't bother to clean it up. Dear Jim, is such a sweetheart, he went out to the Jeep and got my mop and mopped it while I made dinner. Lesson to self...don't let Jo make her own jello, I will do it myself from now on. And I can't find the darn blue folder for our tax docs. Luckily it only has one thing in it, and I am sure I can get a copy of that if I don't find it, but dang, where in the heck did it go!!?? It was just here the other day and now it isn't! If you were a blue folder where would you be? If this is the spirits playing around again they need to stop!!!! Enough already!

*caution foul launguage ahead*

And finally, if I could get ahold of Jim's boss, I think I would rip him from limb to limb with my bare hands. Where do they FIND these managers anyway??? I am so fucking mad at his boss!!! It's a good thing I will never meet the man, because this is one guy who I would dearly love to get into his face and tell him what I think about him. They work these guys like dogs and treat them like shit! *deep breaths*

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wanna try something fun? Find out how many of 'You' there are in the world! *L*
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

And for something else kinda fun, I got these from a friend and decided why not answer them here too? Something to do while I am waiting for my glue to dry. *L*

100 Useless Answers You Never Needed to Know

001: Real Name – Julie
002. Nickname – Jules, babe, hun, mom, grandma J, mommystep, grandma
003. Hometown- Goodland
004. Zodiac Sign - Virgo
005. Male or Female - Female
006. Elementary School – All over the place, we moved a lot when I was a kid
007. Favorite Color - Blue
008. How many buddies on your aim – How about Yahoo? A bunch! How many do I talk to? Probably a dozen or so.
009. Screen name – momofgjc
010. Hair Color - Brownish with reddish highlights
011. long or short - Long
014. Eye Color – Brown
015. Are you health freak - Not really, although I try to be reasonably healthy, just not a freak about it
016. Height - 5'4"
017. Do you have a crush on someone – Yeah, my hubby!!
018. Do you like yourself – Sometimes, ok usually...depends on my mood and the time of the month *L*
020. Think you're awesome – Not hardly
021. Piercings – Ears
022. Tattoos – Nope!
023. Righty or Lefty - Righty

___Your 'Firsts'___

024. Surgery - 1982 gall bladder
025. First piercing – Gosh that was a long time ago, I was in high school, so probably 1974
026. First best friend – Deb...where are you Deb????
027. First Award – Who can remember that long ago?
028. First Sport You Joined – Volleyball
029. First pet – I think his name was Rover, my first cat was Snowball
030. First vacation – Real vacation? Probably to Mt Rushmore when I was about 5
031. First Concert – Van Halen and it ROCKED!

049. Eating - Nothing
050. I'm drinking - Water
052. I'm about to – Go to bed
053. Listening to - The hum of the comp
055. Waiting For - To win the lottery *L*
057. Wearing - Red, pink and green plaid flannel pj's

___Your Future__
058. Want Kids? - Not now..I'm too old. Mine are grown up and I have grandkids!!
059. Want to Get Married? - I am married, and very happily!!!
060. Careers in Mind – Looking forward to retirement.

__Which is better with the opposite sex?__
068. Lips or Eyes? Why do I have to pick?
069. Hugs or Kisses – Both
070. Shorter or Taller – Taller
072. Romantic, Spontaneous – Again, both
074. Sensitive or Loud - Sensitive
075. Hook-up or Relationship - Relationship
077. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? Trouble maker? I had one of those, no thank you on doing that again. How about stable? Reliable? Loving? Funny? Yeah now, we are talking...that's Jim!

___Have you ever___
078. Kissed a Stranger – Not that I can recall
079. Drank bubbles –??? Bubbles? Like soap? ewwwwwwww
080. Lost glasses/contacts - I better not, or I would be in serious trouble!
081. Ran Away From home - Yeah for about 2 hours *L*
082. Broken any bones- My arm, twice, once when I was in grade school and once in HS
084. Broken Someone's Heart - Yeah right...
086. Turned Someone Down – Turned them down for what? I am the one who usually got turned down. *L*
087. Cried When Someone Died - Always
088. Cried at school – Yes

___Do You Believe In___
089. Yourself – Sometimes
090. Miracles – Definately
091. Love at first sight- Yes
094. Magic – I'm not sure
095. Heaven - Of course
096. Santa Clause – Oh yes!
097. Sex on the first date – No!
098. Kissing on the First Date - Nope
099. Angels- Yes!!

___Answer Truthfully___
100. Is There one or more people You Want To be with right now? Be with as in? Visit...Oh YES!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gavin's home!!!

Gavin is home!!! Tracy called this morning and said they got home about 2 am this morning. The hospital sent all of his stuff. (I can't imagine how tiny his blood pressure cuff is. It sounds so tiny!) I can't wait to get more pics of him!

I can't believe I haven't been carrying my camera with me. What have I been thinking?? Today on my way to work, I saw a beautiful hot air balloon. As I am driving I see it lift into the air, it was a beautiful sight. The sky was blue, the moauntains in the background and me with no camera! Bad Julie!!! Got to make sure I start carrying it again so I can catch these things.

Surprisingly, I got a couple of phone calls today from my youngest SD Jenny. Jenny never calls to just talk to me and get advice. But today she did! It really felt good! It's been a long haul getting back to this point, and I hope it stays this way!! *VBS* Definately a high point in my day.

I did another digi page tonight while Jim was at the gun club meeting. Been wanting to do this for a couple days and just haven't had the time. Jon sledding with some of the neighborhood kids, after the second snow storm in CO. Look at him fly!!!! *L* He had a blast!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Catching up!

I'm playing catch up at work this week, so it has been exhausting already. Is it time for the weekend yet? *L*
We watched 'You, Me and Dupree' last night. DH got it for me for Christmas. It was pretty cute! That Owen Wilson, he always plays the same kind of character, so ditzy and laid back, carefree...the guy you love to hate...only you can;t hate him. He's like that family member who drives you nuts, but you gotta love him anyway. *L*

Gavin should be coming home today *crossing fingers* Tracy will be calling us tonight to let us know for sure. Some of you weren't able to see his pic in my email so I am going to post a couple here also. (Can you believe ALL that hair!!)

I have a couple new digi pages also (and I bet some of you didn't even know I was into digi did you! *L*) Here they are, and if you want to see more pop in at Treasures To Scrap and check out our gallery. Mine is under momofgjc :)
The first page is my grandkids Jon and Kayden with their cousin Audrey, second page are my grandkids Jon (no not the same Jon *L* but they are the same age) and Sammie.

Well, gosh would you look at that, it is my nap time!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Weekend's coming to an end

already. Where does the time go? I dread the weekend ending in some ways, and in others I look forward to it. I look forward to it because I feel myself getting testy by the end of the weekend since MIL has come. I don't feel like I have hardly any 'Me' time and Jim and I don't get any 'Us' time. It doesn't help that I can feel the good ole PMS starting up. So today I just feel like crying. Frustration has become my middle name.
I feel myself getting short sometimes with MIL, and I try not to. I really do. Maybe I need to take a step back and tell DH that he needs to take over some of the things that are stressing me out, like her meds. Why do I feel like it is my place to make sure she does it correctly? Maybe if I just turn that over to him, I will feel better. I already feel like most of the weekend is full of laundry, cooking and trying to get some cleaning done, even though that doesn't happen like I want it to. My house isn't as clean as I would like it to be, so I know that is part of my stress too.
Some days it just feels like my house isn't my house anymore. I know, I keep telling myself to be patient, but there are days when I wonder if I can this for years and years, but I knew we have to, it's the only thing we can do. It's been 6 mo, the honeymoon period should be over by now shouldn't it? I know some of it probably isn't her fault, with the early Alzheimers and all, but it is hard to get used to that. Some of it though is just her being stubborn, and that's when it feels like my house isn't mine anymore. I try to tread lightly and not say much, I really do, but gosh it makes me feel so jittery and uptight, like I could snap sometimes. I am not sure DH understands that, because it's not like it is his space that is being changed, his garage space and stuff. I can't run my kitchen like I used to.
Sorry for the pity party. But, that is why I put it here, so I could vent to myself and not feel guilty. :)

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Contests and more Contests!

Ok, so I think everyone who reads my blog knows I am a die hard scrapper *L* and I am on the DT at Treasures To Scrap. Well, we have contests every month and this month we are starting the new year with a bang! T and Wendi are giving away awesome prize packages!!!! The first part is the basic contest, we also have a digital contest going on AND a sponsor contest!! Cosmo Cricket is our paper sponsor for the month!! If you haven't seen this paper...OMG you are missing out!!! It is awesome! Here's a page I did using some of it, there will be more to follow! :)

So here are the rules for the contest, check the forums for more details on the other contests we have going on!! I bet you would like a link to the site huh? Oh you know you do! Especially once you see the prizes being offered (and once you come visit us you will love us so much you will want to stay *wink* *L*)
Treasure To Scrap


The rules: We all have them of a sort.. if you are like me then you make this big list that I never finish and always am frustrated about by the time the 2nd week of January is here and then throw it in the garbage.. so.... with that this is what I came up with this month...
There will be parts that will be given to you each week of the contest... follow the rules of each one and add your points accordingly...
Winners of the contest will receive:
1st place: $50 gift certificate to TTS store and GDT for February
2nd Place: $15 gift certificate to TTS store and a prize package of sponsor products from our past sponsors
3rd place: $10 gift certificate to TTS store and a prize package of sponsor products from our past sponsors

Part one:
You have until January 6th midnight your own time to have this section completed..
make a list of scrapbook related goals you have for the year of 2007... but, be careful here.. take babysteps make specific goals that you want to accomplish (ie.. I am going to scraplift, Tracy's layout here in the gallery, and post a link to the gallery)
I want you to have 10 things at least that are babysteps to accomplish a bigger goal.. why.. because I always get overwhelmed with myself when I say I am going to make a huge goal and no baby steps to get to it.. thus.. the game... hehehe
There will be a thread for members of TTS goals in this section and also one for DT members of TTS... put yours where you are supposed to be and have fun with it... maybe there is someone here that you really admire their work and would like to give it a whirl at scraplifting.. maybe there is a technique that you have been wanting to try out.. or maybe there is a tool you have never used even though you bought it 2 years ago!!!!
For every 10 goals that you post give yourself 5 points...

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Wives, grandkids, pets, vacation, scrapping and other ramblings

What a week! I can't believe it has been so long since I updated my blog! Gosh so much has gone on this past week, that it feels more like a month. BTW Happy New Year!

What I need is a wife. Yes, a wife to do all my house work and cooking. I would settle for a wife for a week, but then I would probably get spoiled. *L* But wouldn't it be heavenly to have a whole week to ones-self to kick back and do whatever you wanted without having to worry about the cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc? I didn't get nearly as much done as I had planned during my vacation week so I am bummed about that. I had hoped to do a LOT more scrapping than I got done. But things got in the way.
For one Ghost. We almost lost him! Scary stuff to see your furbaby get so deathly ill almost overnight! Poor guy still isn't eating on his own, I am still spoon feeding him and he will be on meds for a while. Things happen for a reason, whether we ever know the reason or not. In this case we know. Had our trip to CO and KS been a success we would have come home and found Ghost dead. The vet said he never would have made it had we not been home to get him to the vet. For that I am thankful.

Then Gavin, our new grandson. We were so overjoyed when he was born on New Years Day!! But that quickly changed to fear when they discovered a problem. Thank God it appears that he is going to be ok. He didn't have the problems they first thought he had, he has Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, and the dr says it usually clears itself up in a few days. Until then he is in Children's hospital in Little Rock, but he is doing well and he has been moved out of the cardiac ICU unit. Thank God for medical technology and what it is today!!!

Today MIL had her first dr appt since moving here. She wasn't too thrilled to find out that she has early Alzheimers, and who can blame her. That would upset anyone. But she is convinced she doesn't have it, when we know she does. You know, I can handle the same conversations over and over again (usually), even though I feel frustrated when I am asked the same question a dozen times in a day, but what I really REALLY and I mean REALLY can not handle is the constant noises!! That is about ready to drive me fricking batty!! I feel myself getting tense and my chest hurting when it starts anymore. But I guess there is nothing that can be done about it, or so she says. The dr says she thinks it is just a bad habit. I dunno, sometimes I think I need some happy pills to survive all this!! I knew it would be different having her move in, but I never thought some things would be so stressful. Patience my dear Patience!!!