Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The twins have arrived!!!

Alexander and Alexis have arrived!! This morning. Don't know a lot of details yet, except Alexander weighed 5 lbs 10 oz and Alexis weighed 5 lbs 3 oz! They are precious!! Their Uncle Ryann sent us a couple of pics of them just hours old.

Alexander....I think he looks a bit like his older brother Jon

Alexis...ahhh she looks so dainty and girlie!! I'm thinking she looks a wee bit like her daddy.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Starting the New Year off right...NOT!!!

So I was going to keep up with my blog...and what do I do? I go 2 1/2 months without posting a single thing! I could blame being busy, I could say it was because I have had a horrible case of the blues or just been plain STRESSED over so many things, and while all of these would be true, it is still no excuse for not taking a few minutes each day or week and not posting something! Anything! So if you are reading this now, you are going to get a *hopefully* short but sweet version of the last 2+ months!!

Thanksgiving we had the Charlie's over for the day, played cards and in general had a super time...and I won the cardgame!! nanenanenane!! *L*

I fought and fought with the insurance and the dr's this month...hence some of my stress, and we still didn't get Jim's surgery approved.

Dec came and with it came some very cold temps AND SNOW!!!!! Snow, lots and lots of snow! It was awesome!! Ok for those of you who are getting sick of snow already, let me just explain. We here in the High Desert rarely get snow. Sure it snows in the winter, but we are generally lucky (at least since I moved here) to get snow 3 or 4 times a year, and then it is usually just a couple inches and by the end of the day or the next day it is gone. Well this storm blew in and it was a whopper of a storm! It was beautiful!! Humongeous flakes!! Jim put a ruler in the snow at one point shortly after noon and by later in the afternoon the ruler was gone! Buried in the snow!! The girls had a blast in it! But after a couple days of snow up the thier bellies, making it hard to squat and do thier job outside *L* they were getting sick of it! Jim set up a retreat area for the birds under our patio cover and they sure loved him for it. Take a look at those icicles! We so rarely get them here, I had to take lots of pics *L*

Then before we knew it it was Christmas Day. We missed the fam, but we did get to talk to everyone on the phone.
I went to the Redlands Temple for the first time and it was incredible!

New Yr's Eve we had the Charlie's back over for dinner and another card game....I'm not gonna say who won again....let's just say....twice in a row waaahoooooo that's a new record for.....someone (me) *L*

and we made our yearly round of phone calls to the fam to wish them Happy New Year....for each time zone. *L* Someday they will all pay us back for this I am sure!

Other than that I finally saw the ortho surgeon and I have to have knee surgery *yippie*. This all goes back to that car accident from almost 2 years ago when that idiot broadsided us. Now to get the MRI done on my back to find out what is going on there. Jim has had a couple medical issues we are working on getting taken care of. Jenny is having the twins by C-sec next Wed!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it, and we are getting our trip to Mississippi to see them, then on to Ark to see Madi, Gavin and Tracy, then on up to KS for mom and dad's 50th anniversary with a stop in Utah on the way home to see Patrick since we haven't seen them since we haven't seen them since July 4th. I will fill up my new 8 gig memory card and then some on this trip! *L*

Oh and during all this *L* I did get a couple scrapbook pages done *ha* Ok so I have several I need to finish up with journaling and what not but here is one I have finished. This was from a challenge that Tara (from one of my yahoo groups) issued. It was so much fun!!!