Tuesday, January 2, 2007

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What a week! I can't believe it has been so long since I updated my blog! Gosh so much has gone on this past week, that it feels more like a month. BTW Happy New Year!

What I need is a wife. Yes, a wife to do all my house work and cooking. I would settle for a wife for a week, but then I would probably get spoiled. *L* But wouldn't it be heavenly to have a whole week to ones-self to kick back and do whatever you wanted without having to worry about the cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc? I didn't get nearly as much done as I had planned during my vacation week so I am bummed about that. I had hoped to do a LOT more scrapping than I got done. But things got in the way.
For one Ghost. We almost lost him! Scary stuff to see your furbaby get so deathly ill almost overnight! Poor guy still isn't eating on his own, I am still spoon feeding him and he will be on meds for a while. Things happen for a reason, whether we ever know the reason or not. In this case we know. Had our trip to CO and KS been a success we would have come home and found Ghost dead. The vet said he never would have made it had we not been home to get him to the vet. For that I am thankful.

Then Gavin, our new grandson. We were so overjoyed when he was born on New Years Day!! But that quickly changed to fear when they discovered a problem. Thank God it appears that he is going to be ok. He didn't have the problems they first thought he had, he has Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, and the dr says it usually clears itself up in a few days. Until then he is in Children's hospital in Little Rock, but he is doing well and he has been moved out of the cardiac ICU unit. Thank God for medical technology and what it is today!!!

Today MIL had her first dr appt since moving here. She wasn't too thrilled to find out that she has early Alzheimers, and who can blame her. That would upset anyone. But she is convinced she doesn't have it, when we know she does. You know, I can handle the same conversations over and over again (usually), even though I feel frustrated when I am asked the same question a dozen times in a day, but what I really REALLY and I mean REALLY can not handle is the constant noises!! That is about ready to drive me fricking batty!! I feel myself getting tense and my chest hurting when it starts anymore. But I guess there is nothing that can be done about it, or so she says. The dr says she thinks it is just a bad habit. I dunno, sometimes I think I need some happy pills to survive all this!! I knew it would be different having her move in, but I never thought some things would be so stressful. Patience my dear Patience!!!

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