Monday, January 22, 2007

Calgon take me away!!

Gosh last week sucked! Between MIL getting/feeling sick...well stomach cramps she said, but the dr couldn't find anything wrong and she suddenly felt so much was a 'miracle' she says. Ohhhhhhhhhhk.
But then she fell, has a big bruise on her hip, but it doesn't hurt her thank God! How did she fall? She had a wild hair that she had to get up on the footstool and dust the top of the entertainment center. *sigh* I don't know what ever possesed her to do that. I worry about her falling a lot anyway, so this didn't help. I told her NO MORE footstools!
Then the garage flooded. Luckily nothing was ruined but I am still trying to get the carpet dried. Hopefully tomorrow with the warmer temps it will dry. I am going to open the garage doors to get some air flow through there.
The kids got their Christmas box and loved their gifts! But 'I' forgot to put in one of Jon's gifts *duh* so I am sending him out another box. Kayd loved her kitchen set and play foods! *L* I got to talk to her and Jon on Yahoo also and Jamie took pics that I am going to have to scrap, so cute!!!
I'm still feeding Ghost by hand. He is getting better, more active, but I will be so relieved when he finally starts eating on his own. I don't know if he is the one peeing around the house, but ugggggg that is getting real old real fast!

This week has to be better right? *crossing my fingers* But it isn't starting out that way *L* MIL made jello and spilled it across the kitchen floor and didn't bother to clean it up. Dear Jim, is such a sweetheart, he went out to the Jeep and got my mop and mopped it while I made dinner. Lesson to self...don't let Jo make her own jello, I will do it myself from now on. And I can't find the darn blue folder for our tax docs. Luckily it only has one thing in it, and I am sure I can get a copy of that if I don't find it, but dang, where in the heck did it go!!?? It was just here the other day and now it isn't! If you were a blue folder where would you be? If this is the spirits playing around again they need to stop!!!! Enough already!

*caution foul launguage ahead*

And finally, if I could get ahold of Jim's boss, I think I would rip him from limb to limb with my bare hands. Where do they FIND these managers anyway??? I am so fucking mad at his boss!!! It's a good thing I will never meet the man, because this is one guy who I would dearly love to get into his face and tell him what I think about him. They work these guys like dogs and treat them like shit! *deep breaths*

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