Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Welcome to My World

YOU KNOW you live in the High Desert when...
... You actually get excited about snowboarding at Mt. High
... The people at La Casita know you by name
...Sidewalks are a luxury.
...You (or your neighbors) mow the weeds instead of the lawn.
...All the trees lean to one side cuz of the wind.
...Driving fifty miles to get some decent food/clothes/entertaiment isn't unusual at all.
...Closing the Cajon Pass won't stop anybody from getting out on a Friday.
...The slightest rain turns roads into rushing, muddy rivers.
...You're the only one driving down Main Street at 3am, and for some reason you still hit every red light.
...you've learned to coexsist with potholes.
...its 75 degrees outside and your mom tells you to grab a sweater
...you know that shoes hanging over a telephone wire means theres a meth house nearby.
...you cant go to any store/restaurant/bar with out it feeling like a high school reunion
...Scandia/the bowling alley are your friday nights (or if your 21+ Mr. V's, the Marina Lounge, or Chili's are.)
...you hang out at Del Taco
...when people usually ask you "where's that?"
...when a majority of parties are held in the middle of the desert
...when you're about to die of heat stroke in the summer, but freeze your ass off in the winter
...when your town goes bazirk over a new store/restaurant
...when you refer to traveling as "going down the hill."
...you know that rivers don't HAVE to have water in them.
...you've ever had to pull over your car to move a huge tumbleweed out of the road.
...Seeing the color green on a landscape shocks and confuses you.
... you pass by a Mexican restaurant at every street corner
... you didn't know that the construction of two-story buildings was possible
... "hanging out" constitutes meeting up at Starbucks
... a mall any bigger than Victor Valley Mall (which doesn't take much) excites you
...when telling people where you live, Las Vegas invariably becomes part of the explanation. (i.e. "Have you ever been to Vegas? Then you've passed through where I live.")
...when you know which town you're in by what side of the street your on(Bear Valley Road)
...You can make it down the cajon pass in 15min and to Victoria Gardens in 25.
...Your parents, and everyone you knows parents, commute to work.
...during the holidays it takes 30min to find a parking spot at Target or the Mall.
...you don't know what to do with yourself when it starts raining
...you're confused by the concept of clouds
...you're somewhere else and confused cuz the speed limit sign is less than 55 mph, and you don't know how to drive less than 65 mph, cuz Bear Valley Rd/ Hwy 18/ Apple Valley Rd all have a speed limit higher than that!
...you stick extra sweatshirts or shorts in your car, cuz you never know when it could get super hot or deathly cold
..... missing school for a snow day was a major event that year
...... 40 mph winds and sunny is considered a "nice day"
...... unless you live in SVL you have a dirt lot on at least one side of your house
..... you knew what I was referring to when I used the initials SVL
..... your unfairly associated with Barstow when trying to explain to people where your from
..... within the first 2 minutes of talking with somebody still in the desert you get a list of new shops/restaurants they are getting
..... unlike everywhere else in the country, the mexican help line is not in front of a home depot but some random park on the corner of Hesperia Rd. and Verde St.
...... you get excited whenever you are watching a Cuba Gooding Jr. movie so you can tell everyone that he went to Apple Valley High School

*L* So many of these things I can relate to!!!!

Arggggg, I am cutting back on caffeine and OMG can I tell it! Headache, jittery, jumpy....and OMG tired!....this sucks!! I did get a page done today though..would like to get another done, but don't think that is happening before Big Brother comes on *L* Can't miss my BB!!!

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