Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Home alone

Well Madi went back home yesterday. We got up at 4 and were out of here by 4:45 am! Yikes...that makes for a long day! *L*
I took her out shopping and we went to Cold Stone when I got off work. Then we took her out for chinese food..her fav!! Then when we got home she wanted to do a phto shoot! I was surprised that she wanted to do that, but we had a blast and took a ton of pics!! When my blog is unlocked...grrrr...I will post some of the pics we got! Oh and a pic of my sunflower with several flowers open on it! I have ever had a sunflower with more than one flower on it. It's awesome...sooo pretty!!

1 comment:

skrpndiva said...

How does one get her blog locked and then unlocked? I'm sure there is a way to get that done, but why?

Never mind, why would I want to know why blogger does anything it does. lol