Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Crazy Life

OMG I haven't posted on my blog in almost 3 weeks!! Someone beat me with a thousand wet noodles! So where have I been? Work, for some reason has been crazy. Maybe it is the heat making it feel that much worse, I dunno, but I come home and I just want to collapse. This heat has to break sometime...OMG I can NOT wait for cooler temps!! Then there is all the family stuff going on right now...uggggg I wann shoot whoever made me think that when the kids grow up you don't worry any more. Because you do worry, and OMG they are so much bigger worries than when they were little. Then I get a $600 electric bill! WTH??? This is wrong, has to be wrong! Good lord! We are fighting it, I get to call SCE again tomorrow and dispute it. Oh what fun! NOT! And the homicide not far from us. WHAT are these damn kids thinking? Why would you kill someone because they were trying to stop you from tagging their place?? What a waste. Now a family has lost thier mom, sister, grandma and for what? Because some low life gangbanger wanna be's had to go out tagging!! I hope they get their asses fried!!!
Someone stop the train cause I wanna get off for a little while. Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!!!

Despite all of this chaos I have gotten a little scrapping done. I desperately need the down time to do more though, and unwind...destress!! Hopefully over this long weekend I will get that chance! But here are a few I have gotten done in the last 3 weeks!

The first two are using the Wenchd Graphix kit To A "T", fun fun kit to use, LOVE the colors!!! The next one was using the freebie for this month at 2 P's with one of the pics I took of Madi on her last day with us photo shoot, then one of my neice Mal..that girl is too funny! Then there is one of your's truly for a challenge, and finally one of my stepson Shaun, I used the Spellbound kit by Dawn InSkip for that one. Spellbound is so fun to use for those HP fan pics!!! *LOL*


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful layouts! Good job. I love the Harry Potter one!


Scrappy Moments said...

Wow, What a Power Bill, I would be on a SoapBox Too, hope you can get that resolved, Holy Cow!

Gorgous Layouts. I especially like the top one, The Colors Together, Beautiful and The Hoover Dam is Wonderful, But I really like all of them, great job. I actually scrapped the other day too, they are on my blog :)