Friday, August 3, 2007

I've been set free!!!

By Blogger!! *L* My blog was unlocked today!! Woohooo! They decided I wasn't a 'spam' site! *DUH* I was going to be so upset if I lost all my stuff...seriously upset!! The only thing I can figure out is that I go to a lot of blogs looking for digital freebies and when I grab one I leave a comment for the blog owner. Maybe they saw all the comments I was leaving with my blog addy and decided I was spamming? *LOL* Dang, get shut down for leaving some gotta love that!

Jim and I have been recovering from that early morning Vegas run this week. Who knew that would wipe us out so bad! Doesn't help that the girls have been getting us up in the wee hours either. So we are declaring a sleep in Saturday AND a no work weekend! Just play!!!! I can go for that!

I have gotten a few more pages done so I will share those now :) The 2 paper pages were done using sponsor product from TTS for July (Around the Block) Egg-cellant and August (Karen Foster Designs) Unwanted Visitor. For Tide Pool I used our digital sponsor (Flaire Designs) for this month.

Check out my gallery there for more info on the items used on these pages, and while you are there check out our Grand Opening of the Digital Store!!! It will be opening next week!!

Be watching for pics of Madi's photo shoot from her last night here! *L* She wanted to do a photo shoot in one of the trees in our front yard and man did we get some great shots!! I will be posting a couple of those tomorrow along with some pics of my very cool sunflowers!!!


Jodi said...

Great lo's! Love the colors!

Lissa Ballard said...

Wonderful Julie! My fav is the California Tide Pool!