Monday, April 21, 2008

Mark your calendars!!

For April 24th! Grey's Anatomy is back!!!!!!!! It is about time!! Woohooo Of course you know where I will have my behind planted on Thursday night!

In other news, I am feeling bummed tonight. Went to the dr to get the results from my back xray. I have arthritis in my back, she says loose weight,*duh* I know that already, it's not like I have been trying to gain it (and according to my records I haven't gained anymore since the 30 lb after my surgery for the weight has been stable now for the last 2+ yrs). Exercise, yeah I know that too, thats what I have the treadmill for, guess I better use it more often. Stretching..she said take yoga classes...sure with what money?? *L* Or pilate classes, again...what $$?? I don't think she believed me when I told her I am active. I work outside a LOT. Heck it hurts more to sit than it does to move, and for the pain..take tylenol or advil. Yeah sure...told her that hasn't been working at all. Even told her that I can't sleep on my right side because it hurts to lay on that side for any length of time. So she says to go off of the tylenol/advil for a while and use icy hot, etc and then try taking the tylenol or advil again later and it should work. Why can I not find a dr who will give me something for the pain, on the bad days??? It's not like I want something to take everyday. Just when I am having a bad day and feel like sitting and crying. As if the Fibro isn't enough...and to be honest people who do not have fibro do not have a clue as to how bad it can feel sometimes. Imagine having the muscle aches from the flu...everyday. Some days worse than others. But I am stubborn and honestly if I had to sit around all the time and couldn't work outside you might as well shoot me. So even if I am feeling like crud I will still go outside and do my yard work and go to work and clean houses. Besides it takes my mind off of the pain for a while *L*

Ok enough of my whining. Scrappers go check out the mid month NL at TTS TTS Newsletter There is some awesome inspiration here!
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A couple of our cats chasing a moth. *L*
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Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper) said...

Hey sugar...
So sorry about the back issues... I can totally relate. Now, as for the pain, much of it COULD be coming from the fibro in which case the tylenol etc won't touch it. Are you on Cymbalta? So many people I know who have Fibra said they've gotten relief with Cymbalta. It did NOTHING for me but my issues were different.

Check it out with your primary will you? OR get a referral to a pain management specialist. Who do you see for the Fibro? A rheumatologist?

Are you taking Lyrica? I've heard good things from that too.

Keeping a prayer for you! Lots of gentle hugs.

Jodi said...

I am sorry to hear that your dr was not being alot of help. Hope that you find some relief and someone that will help you with your fibro and your back

BunnyKissd said...

So sorry about the FM; Jacqueline has it so I completely understand... :\ {{{hugs}}} There are a lot of great yoga videos and DVDs you can get to do at home. I like to do Kripalu's Beginner, it's really easy and very helpful. You also might want to check out Yoga Booty Ballet too for a nice yoga workout. Do hot baths help with the pain?

Anyway, love the LO with your cats! Cute! ^_^