Friday, April 18, 2008


are a weird thing. I had a dream about tornados in the wee hours of the morning this morning...the ceiling was collapsing around us and I was trying to get the kids to take cover, I yelled at them once to c'mon and only 1 of them came. So I yelled again

HEY C'MON!!!!!

only I actually yelled it out loud!!!!! I have never done that before!! hehehe I woke up to DH shaking me asking me if I was ok! *LOL* 'Hun are you ok, huney..are you ok!!!' *L* So I had to tell him what happened! I had woken him AND all the pets up with my yell! Since I had never done that before, I then got a case of the giggles and I couldn't stop giggling! So no more tornado talk! *L*
Who else has ever done this? Share with me! That was weird! I had been chatting with some ladies in a scrapping chat room last night and we were talking about tornados, etc. So it must have been on my mind more than I realized when I went to bed. *L*

Wish me luck...I go see the dr again on Monday. I got a letter saying they have the results of my lower back x-ray and they want me to come in and talk to me about it. I have been having problems in one area ever since the accident Feb 07 and this is the first time they have taken x-rays in that area. If nothing else, I am hoping they will finally give me some pain pills for the bad days!

Short and sweet tonight peeps. I am so ready for the weekend and I am beat tonight for some reason.


dawn inskip said...

Hope you hear good thigs with the resukts Julie :) And have a great w/e hun :)

Jodi said...

Hope that you get good results or at least can get something done now for the pain. Yes, I have had tornado dreams. Alot of them it seems like. I have no talked in my sleep about them in a long time. But sometimes I do. lol