Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bad Blogger

Yes once again I am a bad blogger! Jim noticed I hadn't been here for almost a month! *YIKES* How did that happen? Where DOES the time go????

Well I have been doing a lot of work outside so that is part of it. The yard is looking fab though! I wish you could all be here in the morning and early afternoon to walk out back and smell my flowers! OMG it smells sooooooooooo good out there! My lilacs, iris and cherry bushes are all blooming and sometimes the smell is so strong it almost knocks you over *L* but it is heavenly!!! I have taken some pics so I will get those downloaded and post some fo you to see. I even have a couple roses blooming!! I know, I know, I can't believe it April? Yup!! They aren't very big yet because we have been getting pretty chilly at night fact they are calling for snow in our mountains tonight. We were supposed to get rain tonight and we are still waiting.

What else? Oh yes...the whole job search thing. I lost another customer. Not MY fault! One of my customers is being indicted on animal cruelty charges. I am not going to mention any names on here of course, but yeah I lost them..they need the money for legal fees I am sure. And since I lost another big customer about 6 mo ago when they moved to West Virginia, I have decided I need to find something part time. So I have been going around to the chain motels and putting in apps on my days off. One of those is the Hilton. Have you ever been into a Hilton? Well I hadn't!! Until I went in to ask about getting an app...Oh my freaking gosh!! WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! So yeah, my app is turned in there. And at several other wish me luck!

And of course I have gotten some scrapping done. :) On that note I will leave you with some of my recent pages and call it a night...yeah I know, my post was short and sweet..but it is getting late *L* A girl needs her beauty sleep don't ya know! hahahaha And a girl can also dream can't she?

Kayden out camping with Jamie, Miles and Jon in the CO moutains last fall

Jon being his goofy self *L*

Jon and Jon (hehehe are ya confused? Yes there are 2 Jon's both 8 yrs old...Jamie's Jon and Jenny's Jon...Jenny's Jon has the jet and Jamie's Jon has the car)

Cats Everywhere!

A Perfect Day...pic of Shaun, Brit, Brit's sis Ashley and a friend of their's Colleen, after hiking up one of the mountains outside of Provo

What the well dressed Skeleton wears in March
(This is Harold O' watching for more pages featured Harold *L* He is our skelekid!!)

Easter Cuties, Jon and Sammie last Easter at Shaun's home

And finally a couple pages from Nicoles wedding last year. Nicole is Brit's sis and a friend of ours :)

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BunnyKissd said...

You are so lucky to have everything blooming already! How lovely! We're still dealing with melting snow and just the first tips of the flowers peeking up...

I *LOVE* your LOs! The one of Jon being goofy is so fun, and the cats one is just purr-fect! LOL! They're all great! ^_^