Thursday, April 17, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

I had every intention of blogging right away again last time I blogged..which was ummm the 4th *blush* I think. But I have a good excuse! I have been so busy. After the whole mess with Jim's nutritionist on that Friday, I go in Monday to pick up the report and proceed to tell them how ridiculous I think it is that I have to pay for the report when THEY are the ones who didn't do thier job and that is the reason I need the report. I take it down to his Dr's office where they make a copy and fax it to the surgeon and I take my copy home. Now I have no reason to suspect anything is wrong..who would?
Jim gets home that evening and I take the report out of the enve and take a peek at it and HIS NAME IS WRONG! *RME* Oh lordy. Jim's name is now Thomas! OMG! Ok so I call them right away..they are open late. And tell them about the mistake..yes they caught it shortly before I call. SO I tell them it needs corrected and they need to send me another copy right away! They tell me they will. We wait and wait and wait and still nothing comes in the mail. So this week on Tuesday I call them and tell them Jim is going to be close to them for a service call and he will pick up the corrected copy. The receptionist tries to tell me they faxed the corrected copy to the dr already so why did I need to pick up one? *DUH* I paid for the darn thing I expect to have one! She is basically like 'fine, give me some time and I will get him a copy' Jim goes in to pick up the copy, he gets it, goes out to the pickup and looks at it...and they have his BIRTHDATE AND AGE WRONG!! OMG these people are so incredibly incompetent! He said he wasn't going back he brings it home and when I get home from work he shows me. I couldn't believe my eyes! How many times can they get a report wrong? How hard is it? You open his chart, get his report and make a copy!! How in the world do you mess something liek this up SO many times? So I call them AGAIN! The woman I talk to this time can't believe they made another mistake like this. She appologizes all over herself saying she will correct it. Oh but not only was his birthdate and age wrong they still had his name as Thomas in several places in the report AND the lab results on the 2 reports we have are all different! I preceed to tell her how absolutely incompent someone in that office is and if anything happens to Jim and his surgery is delayed because of there screw up I WILL be getting an atorney! Her response...'Yes Ma'am, I understand' Well they finally have the darn thing right now...we got the report in the mail today. But tomorrow I will be talking to the surgeons office to find out what this is going to do about the insuracne and getting the surgery done soon. ARRGGG some people!!!! Someone needs to be fired over this screw up!

If that wasn't enough, Jim also got word last week that the company he works for has been sold. What does that mean? We don't know yet. It could be great news and that is what we are hoping and praying for.

This past weekend we went to Utah to surprise Britney for her baby shower! She was definately surprised!! *L* And we had a great time!! Here's a couple pics from the trip. Britney is in blue and her sister Nicole is in green..they are due less than 2 weeks apart! How cool is that!

We played this FUN game where we had to take a piece of typing paper and putting it behind our back we had to tear a 'paper baby' out. *L* Mine looked more like a turtle!! But you can see what everyone's looked like. Some of them were really good!!

And here is baby Patricks room! Isn't it cute!!!!!!!!!!

And look at what we saw coming home! SWEEETTTT!!!!

I LOVE old cars!! I don't mean like old muscle cars..I mean cars from the 50's and early 60's. *drooling*

And since I promised you pics from my garden almost 2 weeks ago here is a page I did using some of those pics. I used stuff from lots of kits for this one and I really love the way it turned out!
Bundle Pack 1 (all of Peta's kits are on sale this month!!), Treasures To Scrap March kit, TTS April Freebie Treasure Chest, Dawn Inskip/Timeless Treasures, Midnight Diamonds and Land of Make Believe
Rina Kroes/Imagine/Purple pack from her Rainbow Nation blog freebie, Kim De Smet aka Shaky blog freebie, LLeandro Luisas aka/Dawn Inskip, Debut/Sophia Sarducci, Template by ikeagoddess/Weeds and Wildflowers challenge freebie

Some other digi pages I have done recently. To see the credits on these pages check out my gallery at TTS
Shaun and Britney...I used the Bundle Pack 1 for this one also

Chelsea is gonna kill me for this, but I couldn't resist!! *L*

And some of my recent paper stuff...
Gavin...isn't he a little doll..just look at those eyes! (now if someone!! would just send us some new pics of him *L*)

Finally an album I made using the Cosmo Cricket Blackboard album, for the Cosmo Cricket contest at TTS(while you are there check out the prices in the paper those are not sale prices..those are the regular prices every day...35% off!!). Not my best work by any means. I had a terrible time deciding what to do, but I love this song and have wanted to use it on a page, instead I did an album using some of the lyrics.

And last but not least....Happy 23rd birthday to my 'baby' today. Miss you buddy!


Jodi said...

OMG what a ordeal you had to get that darn report! Hope that things go smoothly from here on in. Great pictures and pages!

Corinna said...

Julie, as someone who works as a medical transcriptionist and is very careful about my medical care, I would urge you to talk to the supervisor of that office. I was absolutely appalled reading this blog post of the incompetence of these people! Whoever copied it wrong the first 2 times should have initialed something somewhere, so they ought to be able to find out who did it and at the very least write them up for such a huge mistake!

And I love that song also. Love your little mini album.

BunnyKissd said...

OMG I can't believe the office messed up so much!

I am loving all those LOs though! The flowers are absolutely gorgeous!