Monday, March 26, 2007

Wow, it has been a while!

I didn't realize it had been so long since I logged on here last time *L* It's been hectic to say the least. Whoever said that life slows down when your kids are grown and gone......They LIED!!! *LOL*
I have actually got some scrapping done in this time, and my scrap room looks like a tornado has gone through.

Meeting Gavin...thanks to Tracy for these pics!!!

Thanks to my daughter Jamie for sending me pics of the kids at the park and the Heather Ann Designs Quick page template (our sponsor at TTS this month) I had so much fun doing this page!!
Yeah I did some paper scrapping too, I just can't show it to you yet *L*

We got the jeep back Thursday night. They found more damage than what they originally saw, once they got inside and started doing the work. Besides the apparent damage, and the broken strut...he also bent the axel on my side and bent the frame. I told Jim no wonder I still hurt. At the time we picked it up the cost for repairs had increased to $9,000!!!! And he said it may be higher than that. Thank God we had uninsured motorist!!!!

I have made a couple calls on PT, but the ones I have checked with want almost $50 a session and we can not afford almost $150 a week for PT!!! I am getting everything together to take the guy to small claims court though, so lets hope he will have to pay for it.

Now for my weekly rant *L*
I am so fed up with some people who tell stories and make excuses for things they do, go blaming someone else and see nothing wrong with what they did to bring on the consequences. And on top of that won't apologize for the crap they start.
And then there are the backstabbers. You know I have always believed you treat others the way you want to be treated. So if you shit on me...well...what goes around comes around. Do not treat me nice to my face and then turn around and slam me to someone else. Just DON'T do it! Because the next time I see you.....well it won't be pretty, because when you start up with your nicey nice BS again you will get an earfull! There are a few people on my list right now, thankfully none of my friends...mostly family or ex family members.

Now for something fun!!! What celebrity do you look like? I don't think I look like any of them *L* but who am I to disagree with a face recognition program? *LMAO*

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