Friday, March 16, 2007

March Madness!!!

6 days, 9 states, over 4,500 miles, fog, rain, snow, sleet and 197 pics by the middle of the month!

We left Payson Thursday morning and hit a snow storm going through the rockies somewhere around Vail. That was a mess! If you drive through Utah I have to tell you though, the drive on the 6 is gorgeous!!!!!! We finally got to my parents in KS around 8 pm. Had dinner and spent the night there. The last decent night of sleep we got until we got back home! *L* Friday we headed for Miss. It was a nice drive until we got to Columbia Miss. we hit some rain in Missouri and decided we needed to stop for a decent meal so we went to Hooters yummmmmmmm!!!! When we left we hit fog so heavy that the cars in front of us suddenly disappeared! Scary stuff!!!! Once we finally got out of the fog we hit rain, rain and more rain through the rest of Missouri into Ark and Mississippi. That slowed us down a lot and we didn't make it to Miss until almost 3 am!!!! Had to get up again at 6 am to hit the road for the return trip and because we wanted to stop in Ark to see Tracy, Madi and Gavin!! We spent a lot more time in Ark than we had planned but it was great seeing everyone!!!!! We took a couple wrong was night and we were exhausted and missed some signs. We finally stopped south of Wichita KS at a truck stop to catch a couple hours of sleep in the pickup and headed back out only to hit thunderstorms!!!! We kept switching off drivers so one could get an hour or so of sleep and switch back again. We finally arrived back at my parents house at about 10 am Sunday morning, not Sat night as we had planned *L* The grandkids all got to meet and play together!!

We decided to stay at my parents longer than planned also so we could just rest and unwind we were sooooo tired. So we stayed for dinner and finally left at 8 pm, only to hit fog again as we were leaving town! *L* Had that to deal with again for a little over 30 miles and then finally broke free of it. I had planned on sleeping while Jim drove to Denver but I think I had reached that point where you are so tired you can't sleep. We drove and drove, and I was so wired I couldn't sleep and I was worried by that time about how Jim was doing also. We finally decided to pull it over and catch a couple hours of sleep again and I took over driving to Green River, but the road started looking funky so I knew I couldn't drive anymore, but Jim had rested and he was pumped to be so close to Payson so he took over and I finally konked out! *L* We finally got to Payson about 9 am Monday morning and decided we would just head it on down the road to home after dropping off the kids. We did get a little shopping done in Provo first though and made it home about 9 pm Monday night. I was a zombie Tuesday so I slept off and on and got some housework done, uploaded those 197 pics and relaxed.

Jim and I have decided we are TOO OLD to make a trip like that again!!!! Next time we will add a few days to it *L* But we got Jenny and the kids moved from Mississippi to Utah and got to meet Sammie and Jon and spend time with them (they are adorable and Jenny is such a good mom!) and see Gavin for the first time in Ark and see Madi again along with seeing Jamie and Jon and Kayden*L* Jamie and the kids went to my parents house and spent the weekend there to see us on the trips through. It was just so good to see all the grandkids in one trip!!!! And to see them playing together...well it really did my heart good! *VBS* Jon and Jon were hilarious!!

We found out Tuesday that the guy who hit us doesn't have insurance after all. Luckily we have coverage for uninsured driver so our deductable will be covered, but we didn't have the extra medical coverage (we do now). So our medical costs, mostly the co-pay and the missed days of work (2 for me and 1 for Jim) will come out of our pocket. The dr wants me to have PT on my back and I still can't get down on my knee, a month later.

I am thinking we can take the guy to small claims court to get reimbursement for the medical costs. But...if the guy has nothing and can't pay for it what good will it do us? Yeah the guy will have a claim against him showing on his record, but the chances are good we still won't see a dime. But it isn't fair to just let it go and he gets off scot free. I am upset and frustrated that we are having to pay for this and this guy is getting off. So I am leaning towards small claims, but wonder what good it will do.

Happy 27th Birthday to my daughter Jamie (yesterday) is it possible for me to have a kid that old? *L* I love ya and miss ya and am incredibly proud of you!!!!!!!!!

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