Sunday, March 18, 2007


I actually managed to get some scrapping done this weekend! Jillian hosted a crop at her house and I got 3 pages done there..added the finishing touches at home yesterday and started another page I hope to have done in the next day or two. Not complicated, just trying to find the time to finish it.

Kayden and Sammie in one of the trees at my mom's house. We really have beautiful granddaughters don't ya think? :)

Jon and Jon playing in a tree in my mom's front yard. These two boys are goofballs! *L* When I told them to look at me so I could take their pic, Jonnie put his hand over Jon's eyes and Jon put his hand over Jonnie's was downhill from there, but I couldn't resisit taking pics of their game and I am so glad I did!!! This is the stuff memories are made of :) and I have to smile every time I look at these pics. Jim finally got their attention long enough for me to get 1 pic of them looking at me.

Gavin in the ICU in Little Rock. I have been wanting to scrap these pics for a while, but wasn't getting any ideas, when suddenly I knew what I wanted to do with them. Funny how that happens huh?

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Sassette said...

Julie I just love the new layouts you are getting to do of your grandchildren together like this! Awesome pages girl!