Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lessons Learned!

Have I ever learned a lot this week! As you know, if you read my blog we were involved in an accident last week. As of yesterday we still don't know if the driver that hit us is insured or not and in the course of going through our insurance I found out we are under-insured. I had no idea that we didn't have any medical coverage on our automobile insurance! I thought all full coverage had medical! But in CA it is not standard/required. So I spent the afternoon yesterday reviewing our policy with an agent and getting things updated! Gosh if we had known this beforehand it would have been nice. At least we did have coverage for uninsured driver so we are going to be ok either way with getting the jeep fixed. The estimate on it was $6,500!! You can pick your jaw up off the floor now!
But if you haven't reviewed your insurance is your heads up to do that!!

On to scrapping stuff. *L* I have been issuing challenges at TTS to go along with the Elsie Flannigan book '52 Challenges' This month my challenges have been to scrap a 'Life long love' (person, place, thing...whatever) and to Group 4 pics together. If you want to join in you can post your LO at TTS also and maybe earn a prize! :)
Got another digi page done today. I used product from our digi sponsor this month at TTS...NitWit Collections. Let me tell you what, these kits are SO adorable!!! I want them all! *L*
Anyway here is my newest digi page...I love how it turned out!

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