Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Comedy Central

If you don't laugh you might just cry, or at the very least feel like banging your head against the wall *L* At least thats how Jim felt this past weekend.
We decided to take MIL on a short road trip since it was her last weekend in CA. You know what they say....the best intentions....we took her sightseeing at Rainbow Basin.

It is a gorgeous place, and she loved the scenery, but would not get out of the truck because she was afraid a mountain lion might appear! Oh my!! Jim and I got out and walked around. On the trip home MIL suddenly announces she needs Jim to pull over on main street in Barstow. She gets out and promptly....throws up!!!! Another weekend, another sickness. It has become quite a habit.
Every weekend she is sick. I finally asked her if she is sick during the week when we are working, and no she feels fine then. So either it is an attention getter or she gets sick because I cook and she actually has to eat something. I am wondering when the not eating started. Cause she eats a hearty supper...but that is probably because she isn't eating the rest of the day!
Ok, so maybe it is bad to say, but thank goodness we only have a few more days of the dramatics.

Super Bowl Sunday!! Wooohoooo Ok so the teams weren't any of my big favs, but I stil love the SB anyway! The day starts off with a bit of comedy! Our neighbors across the way have set up a bounce house for the kids to play with....MIL notices (Jim mentioned it because he noticed it when he went to get the Sunday paper). The conversation goes something like this:
MIL: They have one of those big things over there at that house.
Jim: Yeah, a bounce house.
MIL: What?
Jim: A bounce house.
MIL: Oh, is that who lives there? Is that their name?
Jim: No, it is a bounce house!
MIL: Oh, ok, and they have one of those things over there.
Jim: Yeah, it is a bounce house.
MIL: It's one of those things for kids. Why do the adults need one of those?
Jim finally gives up and walks off. *LOL* And what about me? I MISSED THE WHOLE DAMN THING!!! Because I was folding towels in the garage!! *LOL* Some things are just too hard to explain!
Super Bowl time comes around and we are watching the game. MIL is laying on the couch in her usual position and sighing...and sighing...enough with the sighing already, I thought maybe she fell asleep so I asked Jim and he said no she was just making noises. Ummmm, after that she stopped the sighing! Towards the end of the game she asks how much time is left...5 min 55 sec...OH REALLY??(and not a good oh really...more of an annoyed oh really...yes she has a tv in her room she could be watching!) Ummm yeah mom....sometimes you just want to say, no mom I am joking!!!
Then before bed she asks me if the washer will be empty for her to wash her sheets the next day. Uhhhhh yeah it always is empty since I spend the weekend doing the laundry! Can't figure out where that one came from...somewhere out in left field.

Fast forward to today. We are trying to get arrangements made with the mover and Jeannette is going to try and make things as difficult as she can Nothing can ever be easy with her where her mom is concerned.

Ok, enough of this..how about some happy stuff!

I talked to Kayden on the computer..through Yahoo. She loves getting on the comp to talk to grandma, she thinks it is so fun to wear the earphones *L*

Kayden celebrated her second birthday this weekend. Where did the last 2 years go????

Here is something that came in my email from Marlo. What a neat idea! I think we should all do this if we can.

This is a story that is on a Ottawa, Ontario radio station - 105.3
KISS FM. There is a soon to be 8 year old little boy named Shane who
is battling Leukemia who's wish is to recieve 1 million birthday
cards by his birthday in May. I am making at least one for him - and
I thought maybe some of you would like to help too. Here is the
address to send the cards to:
2001 Thurston Dr.
Ottawa ON, K1G6C9
If you want to check it out for yourself to see that it is legit here is the stations web site http://www.1053kissfm.com/station_info/cartersandraboyle.jsp#20040504_1
They have a lot of other cool stuff on the web site as well!!