Saturday, April 4, 2009


Rotten that is...totally..pampered and loving every single moment of it!
Who am I talking about you ask? *L* No not me!! Sally, our dog...

We had a couple of friends kids over today, Matthew and Rachel, to watch General Conference with us because their mom Sharon had a hysterectomy yesterday, so we invited them to come to our home to spend the day with us. And as you can tell.....Sally loved the attention she got...she is such an attention whore! *L*

Ahhhh yes...right there...that's the spot! (notice how she cloese her eyes...that means she is in this blissful place that Sally goes to when he neck is being stroked)

She tried to give Matthew a kiss to show her appreciation but he kept dodging her *L*

During the break between Conference sessions we took a drive to Bear Valley/Hesperia Rd because we heard there was going to be a CA Tea Party due to the wonderful state raising our taxes again.

We were kinda surprised there weren't more people there than their was, but then maybe some of the ones who would have been there had other commitments for the day, like us. But we did give them a honk and a thumbs up to show our support.


Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Your puppy is such a cutie.....our's loves the cuddles from the kids too!!

Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind words you left for me :D

~Gabrielle xx

Julie O. said...

Ooooh!! Sally is adorable!! Some day we are going to get a dog like that. Some day! LOL!