Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

I hope you all....*L* all 3 or 4 of you who read my blog, have a Happy Easter weekend.
We have been listening to the scanner today and there have been so many fatal accidents, it makes me feel so sad. people are in a hurry to celebrate and out there partying and the next thing you know, something happens. So please, be safe...don't drink and drive and be aware of your surroundings and please if you are so inclined to be riding ATV's wear protective gear!!

I did get some scrapping done today woohooo! And Jim is working on a model for the first time since he hurt his hand. He has done pretty well with it! What a relief!
he also got Matt's Purple Pepper award made to present to him tomorrow. *L* I will have to post a pic of it after he gives it to him!

Here is one of the pages I got done today...I won't post the other because it is too personal to me to want to post it. I am on a Madi kick *L* I have several other pics and paper out to do some more pages of her.


Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper) said...

Happy Easter Julie. I can't believe how much Maddie has grown. She's such a little lady now! So glad Jim's doing so well.

Big hugs!

Awesome Abby said...

This is a great layout, Julie! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!