Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Flowers

I hope everyone is having a Hoppy Easter and the Easter Bunny brought you some gooooood chocolate!!
April is a month of birthdays for us. Well not the whole month, more like one week in April is a birthday week for us *L*
Sammie had her birthday yesterday, tomorrow is my dad's birthday, Wed is Jim's moms birthday and Friday is my youngest son's birthday!! We go through the same thing in Sept. with several birthday's in a row.

Anyway, on to the title of my blog post...Easter flowers. When we got home from church today we were out in the yard walking around and I noticed this

I was delighted to find Easter roses!!

During church today Jim presented Matt with his Purple Pepper award! *giggle*
You know how military personel are awarded a Purple Heart for wounds recieved in the line of duty? Well Jim came up with this idea of awarding Matt with a Purple Pepper for his wounds received in the line of Home Teaching Duty *L* Everyone loved it!!

And I even got another page done today! Can I say how GOOD it feels to me creating again? Wow that was a long dry uninspired spell and I am so glad it is over! I have a couple more pages to do of Madi and then I have several of the twins, some of Sammie and Kayden, oh and Jon's first Hooters experience! I plan on getting them all done this week! Here is the one I got done today. I got the sketch for this page over at Liz's blog. Her sketches are awesome, you should stop by and check it out! Thanks for this one Liz, it was just what I needed for this pic.

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emily said...

Loving the LO...I'm thinking CASE material!