Monday, March 23, 2009

A Scrapbookers Husbands Revenge

I am home and recovering from the knee surgery. I'm getting around some...which means I can walk around the house, take the dogs out and tonight I walked outside with Jim when he took the trash out. I am down to taking the pain pills every 6 hours instead of every 4...thank goodness because they knock me out! And if you know me you know I do NOT like sitting aorund doing nothing...let alone laying around doing nothing! Because of the pain pills I sleep alot.
The dr said that I will need a partial knee replacement in 4-7 yrs roughly. 4 if I don't lose weight, 7 if I do. So I am going to try my darndest to lose some of this weight. Which right now isn't too hard since the pain pills seem to keep my appetite down.
Thank God for Jim and how well he takes care of me, and my friends for everything they have done for us.
Jim decided to get revenge on me for all the picture taking I do *LOL* So he took pics of me going to the surgery center and during the whole process up until we were home. So then he gets on his comp and makes a scrapbook page for me. *L* He was telling me...'You know I love you, right?' *LOL* So here is his revenge for all my scrapping pages and pics of all the silly...ok and even sometimes embarrassing moments in our lives.

*L* I love this man, and in a way am honored that he made this for me! It did give me a good laugh and will go into my album!

The weekend before my surgery my cousin Michelle from Arizona and my cousin Holly from Kansas (they are sisters) came to visit us. They spent the night with us on Friday night and we had a good time visiting, looking at pics, family videos and laughing. It was SO good to see them. I love having family come to visit!!!
Here we are in our front yard by the infamous tree


Sassette said...

I so miss you Julie! So sorry to hear about your knee surgery! I had no idea! Seems I am way out of the loop, but I have managed to get some scrapping in for ME:)

We need to connect RE: comics (ebay auction) that you did for James.....

I even have been updating my blog;)

Nightscrapper said...

Oh Julie, I had no idea you were having surgery this soon. You must be going crazy doing nothing. Hopefully you are catching up on rest. Hey, if you want to drop some weight without dieting get the book Eat Right for Your Type. You need to know your blood type. Since Jim started this he has dropped 40 lbs without dieting or exercise. His blood pressure has been normal for the first time in 13 years. Get some rest and stay off that knee!!