Monday, March 30, 2009

Feelin better and

starting to get a little cabin fever! But I have to admit I am loving the tv time with TLC and HGTV! It drives Jim nuts *L* but I am lovin the house shows! But it also means I am not getting any scrappin done, so someone remind me of that when I complain that I haven't had time to scrap! *wink*

I'm gonna have a pet owner vent now *S* Why do people have pets if they don't want to take care of them? Friday I am in the garage throwing my cleaning rags in the wash...yeah they were starting to smell funky since I hadn't gotten them washed since my last cleaning job....when I hear a crash and an animal crying out in pain. I hobble to the front door to look outside but don't see any vehicles and at first I didn't see any animals either. But then I spotted it, on the other side of our oleanders...a dog, a big dog..looked to be pit bull and it was rolling around in pain. I am not going to spare the details because I want pet owners to THINK! This poor dog was rolling around in pain and whining and trying to get somewhere. I felt so helpless, I knew I couldn't go out and check on it, if it turned on me I knew I wouldn't be able to protect myself and get away since I can't run right now. I get my phone and call animal control and by some grace of God they usually get an answering machine...and I report to them what just happened. They send someone out to help, but in the meantime I am talking to my neighbor because by this time the poor dog has managed to drag himself to our back yard under a bush. When I mention to the neighbor that I had noticed a couple out by the road looking around, and he recognized them as someone that has just moved into our neighborhood so he went over to get them. I am keeping my eye on the dog, and our neighbor brings back someone with him who says the dog belongs to him, so I direct him to where the dog is now. Luckily the man was finally able to pick up the dog, after a couple attempts, and I am just hoping they took him to the vet.
ok, now I realize things happen and animals do get out without the owners knowing it sometimes, and animals can be pretty creative when finding ways to get out, BUT we live on a busy street and we have had a LOT of problems with neighbors dogs getting out, multiple times. So I just wanted to scream at this guy, because now his poor dog was in incredible pain!

Now on to a rant about the Govenator *L* I admit it I voted for Ahhnald...but he has gotten so far out there that I don't even know what he is thinking! Now we want to pass legislation that you can not own a dark colored vehicle in CA because it takes too much energy to cool them off! When the day comes that the powers that be can tell us what color car to have we have Big Problems!!

And finally....I have a question to ask...mostly from the guys ** even though I seriously doubt that many guys read my blog, but ladies maybe ask your hubbies....I know my hubbies thoughts on the matter and all I can say is Thank God he accepts me as I am...but, a friend of ours just got a boob job...and I mean she is HUGE now!! But guys....wouldn't that take some of the fun out of things? Knowing they are fake, plastic....not your wifes real breasts? Maybe I am weird, I dunno....hey I admit I would love to have mine lifted *L* wouldn't almost all of us women who have had kids like to have them lifted? But to have them ummmmmm up to our chins popping out of our shirts HUGE?? I just don't find that attractive at all. Sad thing is she was a beautiful girl *yes I can say 'girl' because she is younger than my own daughter* before she had the boob job and she wasn't an A cup then, but she also had a tummy tuck....and she was probably all of a size 4 at the very most, before her surgery. And we wonder why our 5 yr olds are so concerned about diets and looking sexy? I'm sorry but it is a sore spot with me. I feel sorry for our little girls who are growing up trying to live up to some body image that most women can't attain. What's wrong with being...*gasp*....average?
*stepping off my soap box*

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