Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An update on Jim's fingers and more!!

Took him into our dr today for his 48 hour checkup and for them to change the bandages. When we got there and the Dr. came into the room she asked us why we were there. We were like...ummmm because that is what the ER Dr said to do, come see you in 2 days and have the bandages changed.
She then told us she had the radiologist report and he has bone fragments in his index finger and both bones in his thumb are broken, the bone above the knuckle and the bone below the knuckle and that he needed to see a hand surgeon asap, because he is at risk for a bone infection. So I got a number right away for the ortho surgeon who is doing my knee surgery and they got him in first thing in the morning. If he can't fix it then he will refer us to someone who can. Keep him in your prayers please!! (no pics....I took some today but they are pretty graphic, so if you wanna see them you have to ask me for them. It hurt when they took the bandages off, but that is also good because it means he has feeling in the index finger!)

In more upbeat news :) we got snow yesterday!!! It didn't amount to much, but it was so pretty while it lasted and the flakes were HUGE!!!! I almost have mom and dad's photo board done. Will post a pic when I am done putting the tacks in it. I was too beat tonight to do any work on it. But here are some of the pics Jim got of the snow!


Stiber Family said...

Ok, maybe I'm weird, but i want to see pics. My bro cut his tip of his finger off when I was like 10 and I saw that....so I think I can handle it. I will definately keep him in my prayers! You too! Hopefully this won't spoil any of your plans!!!!

BunnyKissd said...

Good health for Jim and his finger!

The snowlakes look beautiful on your dog! ^-^

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper) said...

Oh Julie - I do hope Jim does well with all this. My dad had similar trouble with a table saw. He's got his finger and all is well now (he can't bend it at the top joint but that's a little price to pay!).

Keeping Jim in my prayers to be sure.