Sunday, February 8, 2009

How I spent my day

Isn't that kind of like what kids have to write after summer vacation, only it is 'How I spent my Summer Vacation'.
We hadn't planned on spending most of the day in the ER. We were going to get some more things ready for the trip. Which is what caused the trip to the ER.
Jim was making a box for the truck, for him to mount his Ham Radio on, since we are going to be out in the middle of no where driving a lot during this trip. He was using the table saw to cut his wood and was on the last cut when he hit a knot in the wood or something and it make the board buck back. A piece of wood hit him in the chest and his finger went through the table saw.
It didn't take off the whole pointer finger, but it did take off a good part of it, plus it put some good gashes in his thumb. Luckily the dr was able to sew the finger back on! And luckily it was his left hand and not his right! But he did cut through the bone, obviously, so it is splinted also. He has to leave the stitches in for 2 weeks to make sure the finger has time to heal back on. So he will have to have the stitches removed while we are on vacation out in Kansas. Poor guy!! I was scared, man was I scared! If it had been me I probably would have passed out or something. I feel so bad for him because I can not even imagine how much it hurts!!

Being the trusty scrapper I am, what did I do? Did I grab the camera to take pics?

Oh heck no!!! *L* I went into emergency mode and took off for the hospital without my camera in hand. *hanging my head in shame* BUT, he did let me take some pics when we got home! *L* Probably helps that he is doped up on Vicodin!

(looks kinda like he is wearing Mickey Mouse gloves huh?) *L* I am so glad he has a sense of humor!!

Oh I forgot to show what I was working on for mom and dad's anniversary. I am making 150 of these treat bags as favors for their 50th!


Nightscrapper said...

Ahh, poor Jim. Thank goodness the doc was able to mend his finger. It does look like he's wearing a Mickey Mouse glove. Cute!

I like the Anniversary goodies. Very pretty.

StmpnShell said...

Poor Jim!! Atleast all digits are still there!! Julie - this will be a great layout for you!! :)

Dawn said...

Oh no Poor Jim! but I am glad they where able to reattach it! I hope it heals quickly.

Meghan said...

Ur poor dh!