Friday, February 6, 2009


Ahhhhh there is some justice in this world! Dr loses license Not only should he lose his license but him and everyone involved should be brought up on charges of murder!

If you know me, you know my love for stupid criminals! This one beats all Stupid Criminals #1. And in this one....yeah these yoyos aren't quote so tough anymore are they? *LMAO* Stupid Criminals #2 gotta love it!!!

As for this woman Octuplets mom. I'm sorry but you knowingly had 8 more babies on top of the 6 you already have to take care of. How do you plan on supporting them? Did you think the offers for money and deals would just come flying in? I personally think it was terribly irresponsible of her to even attempt another pregnancy when she had the 6 children already, knowing that there is not a father in the picture to help raise them. I feel sorry for all of the children in this family. And she expects us to feel sorry for her because she had an isolated childhood....sorry but if I was your mama and you were saying that about me, I am afraid I would tell you that you were on your own now, you better find someone better suited to help you raise these 14 kids now. She's single, unemployed and now has 14 babies to raise. Who is going to be paying for this? US!!! And she says she had an isolated childhood, how does she think she is going to provide a better childhood for this many children? What knid of attention is she going to be able to give each child? Let's get real! And what freaking dr is responsible for implanting you so many times with embryos? not just once, but 6 times you had in-vetro done! this dr should be the one who has to support them all! I feel sorry for all of these children.

This is just really cool! Inaguration

And finally on the home front. We are getting rain...ahhhhhhhh I LOVE it! It smells so good and the plants really need it! The mountains are getting snow, so they will be gorgeous when we can see them again *L* Well, I gotta get back to work on mom and dad's treat bags for their 50th anniversary party. I will post pics when I get them done. Oh Oh Oh...wait! Before I cousin Marshall has officially signed with the Sooners to play football next fall. Good luck Marsh...stay safe, have fun and kick some butt!!! We are all so proud of you!!! Thanks to his sis Meredith for keeping us all updated on Marshall's progress and the fam out that way!!


Felicia McB said...

I so totally agree with you about the octuplet mom. I mean what the heck was she thinking? geez, I mean I'm on only child but I wouldn't dream of being in the situation she has put herself father for the children, no job, and 14 children to raise on her own. nuts I say nuts. and it's so not right that tax payers should have to pay for this.

Jodi said...

Grr... on that Dr. I could not read it because it made me sick to think of.

LMAO at the stupid crimals. They got what they deserve. lol

Ok, I have not problem with people having alot of kids. BUT I think she was irresponible for having all these kids that she has no way of supporting at the moment. No father or anyong to help her raise them. Beside her parents, the ones she is saying things about.