Monday, September 8, 2008

Totally disgusted

I am seeing things on the news that truly disgust me anymore. Tonight I finally saw footage of Casey Anthony getting out of jail again. She had a smile on her face! OMG this woman is totally mental and has no regard for human life..the life of her own daughter..her flesh and blood! How many of us with children could be smiling, knowing that our child is missing? Why is she smiling? IMHO it is because she thinks she has got us all fooled and she is going to get away with this! I can not wait for the day when they finally bring charges against her. She so totally disgusts me!

While I am on a rant. Have you seen last nights interview with Obama? Well, if you haven't you should. My Muslim faith I don't know about you...but he scares me.
Also is anyone else disturbed by the fact that Obama voted against the Infant born alive Act? This means he voted against giving medical attention to a baby that survived a late term abortion. He would rather see the baby die than to give it medical attention if the baby is born alive? How can anyone vote for that?
And lets not even see the Demoratic party say ANYTHING about Palin's pg daughter. Not after thier golden boy John Edwards was having an affair and possibly a kid with another woman while his wife is battling breast cancer! How LOW can you go?

While I am on a rant, *L*
What is the deal with the lesbian being able to sue the dr who refused to artifically inseminate her based on his religious beliefs? Isn't this a free country, can't she go to another dr for treatment? I am sure there are plenty of dr's out there who would do this for her, but oh no she is suing this dr because he refused. I'm sorry but I am so fricking sick and tired of certain groups trying to shove thier agenda down everyone else's throats!! They sue because 'they' can't do something they want to do, despite the other person (in this case the dr) having rights also. So they are saying the dr has no rights in this? Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!! I am not singling out gays and lesbians, I have friends and relatives who are, but I am saying that any group, no matter who you are, if you are trying to shove your beliefs and desires down everyone elses throats....REMEMBER we have rights also!!! You are NOT the only one with rights!!! Find another freaking dr to treat you for crying out loud!!!!

And what the ^*!@ is going on with all the identity theft??? We got a letter from our mortage company saying that an employee got our loan info and may have sold it. Wonderful!! So I had to put a fraud alert on each of the 3 credit reporting agencies. Now I have to call the credit card companies and notify them. ARGGGGGGGG I think I feel an ulcer coming on!


Scrappytbear said...

OH my goodness; overwhelming! I hope it felt good to get all that off your chest! Deep breaths lol!

Nightscrapper said...

We must have the same stinking mortgage company. We got the same letter. I was so ticked off. The sad thing, Jim's identity was taken and is $16,000 in the whole on his credit card.