Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, I haven't gotten any scrapping done today..yet! *L* But I am heading to my scrap area after I take a shower. Wish me luck!!
I thought I would finally get the pages I did at the last crop posted though. Why is it I can go to a crop and in 4 hours whip out 4 pages like that, but at home I seem to struggle? *L* I think I analyze everything too much when I am at home. I never used to be like this, I used to turn out 10 pages in a weekend...Abby I wanna be like you....grab some things off my desk and throw them on a page and have it turn out awesome!
I know what it is! I have too much scrap crap! I dunno...can you EVER have too much? ;-) Bad scrapper...bad know you can NEVER have too much scrap stuff!!
Anyway, here are my pages from the last crop.

Patrick's hospital photo. I love the dreamy look to this photo!

Ahhhh Miss Madi and her teen be a teenager again....NO thank you!!

Love this pic of Kayd. It might not be the best quality, but I love the motion in it.

And finally..the attempted photo shoot with Jon and Kayd while I was out in KS in May. *LOL*


Awesome Abby said...

Well, here's your Awesome Abby challenge: (bet you know what it is already!!!!) scrap a page using nothing but what is on your desk. You can only use paper if it's not on your desk, but the rest must be hodge-podge off the desk. I really like all the layouts, but the thing I like the most is the word "teen" how you did the e's. I'm going to do something like's my challenge to myself, as soon as I get home and get some scrap time! I think you'll find that doing the desk thing is kinda fun!

Meghan said...

Great layouts!!!

And that is a hospital pic?
I can't believe it!!!

Jodi said...

Great pages!

Corinna said...

LOVE that baby photo. I like the dreaminess about it also like you said. The rest are great too. I like the photo shoot one with the way you placed the title.