Friday, September 5, 2008

Odds and Ends

I have had so much going on in my head lately and it feels like my creativity has taken a hiatis this summer. I am hoping with fall coming that that will change and I will get back into gear with my scrapping. I miss it...more than you can imagine and I have all these ideas in my head..but it seems like I have no time or umph to get it done. I have been sorting pics though, tons and tons OMG how did I get so many pics! *L* Don't ask! If you ask Jim he just laughs. I guess when you take a few hundred pics each time you see the grnadkids or go anywhere they add up huh? And I only have a fraction of the photos I have taken that is really scary!!
I have been reading a lot of blogs and been loving that and getting tons of inspiration from them!! Abby posted one that I looked at tonight. OMG I was seriously drolling over this one I inspire Me
Abby also had a post up about a car show they happened to discover one this photo is just for you Abby...I can't wait to scrap it..just not sure how yet..but it is one of my fav photos..maybe that is why I am having a hard time scrapping it..I want it to be 'just right'! *L*
and speaking of black dogs...Abby will know what I mean...(while you are at it you should check out Abby's is over there <----- in the list with my yahoo ladies.) Here is my baby Sox, who is so hard to photograph. One evening I sat outside with her just shooting to get a couple of really good pics of her. She has the sweetest face

and I love how she cocks her head to one side when you are talking to her.

That darn stick *L* she has to have that thing with her all the time. If she can't find it she will pace the yard until she does. I seriously don't know what she is going to do when it is finally all worn out. She couldn't find it for a couple weeks this summer so Jim cut her some new branches from the mulberry tree...her sitcks HAVE to come from the mulberry tree. I don't know if it is something from when she was a pup and that is where she had her first stick from, or if she just likes the taste of the wood from that tree. She played with the new stick Jim cut her, but one day she magically found her old stick again!

One more thing before I close for the night. While reading blogs tonight, I was looking through Meghan's blog and came across this post about this family (the husband and wife) that were flying in a private jet when it crashed. The story broke my heart. They have 3 children and the family is all chipping in and helping out while the parents are in the hospital recovering. Please check out thier story here
C Jane

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Awesome Abby said...

Ok, that photo is the coolest. I think I do that, too...wait to scrap photos that are my faves. It's so hard to do them justice, I think. B sure to let us know when you scrap it so we can see! Sox is ADORABLE and those are such good photos (esp. since the whole black dog issue!).

Thanks for reading my blog...I have such fun making my posts every day. I'm glad to know that others enjoy them as well. I have a few fun things in my brain to post about after I get home and settled again, back in my routine....if there is such a thing, lol!!!