Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I see a pattern here....

I posted last month on the last day of the month and I come here tonight to post and discover it is the last day of this month, so I believe I see a pattern developing my granddaughter Kayden would say *L*

It's been another crazy month. I started the month off getting sick, then Jim went to Huntington Beach for training, he came home sick. The same night he got home Madi flew in to spend a week with us :) and on the day she flew home I got sick again. At least mine was just a sinus infection with allergies, Jim had pneumonia. But he is feeling much better now, 10 days after starting his antibiotics.

We had a fabulous time with Madi while she was here on Spring Break!! We took her shopping at Kohl's, I took her to the mall shopping and just having a fun girls time.

Plus I got a surprise day off last Wed so her and I had a good time together just running around the desert to see what there was to do and showing her all the new stuff here.

We got a couple chocolate covered strawberries at The Cinnamon Roll Lady in Hesperia and a couple cinnamon rolls (you have to try her pecan rolls..OMG they are sinful!!

We also took her to see Charlie race the first race of the season at the VV Raceway. It was a fun night!!

Friday night we took her to Huntington Beach. It was a little chilly, but it was so fun and we got there in time to see the gorgeous sunset!

Well if you took the time to read all of this and it is still March 31st *L* Go check out Between Naps On the Front Porch blog and enter for a chance to win a beautiful piece of jewelry!


Sassette said...

Wow, she certainly is growing up! Man I miss keeping in touch and seeing all of what life holds in your neck of the woods!
Looks like I have tons to get caught up on!!!!!

D.M. SOLIS said...

Great images! It is good to see you honoring your gift for photography. Hope you've been completely well since the post about pneumonia. Peace and continued good things for you.


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