Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another rainy Saturday

I think we have met or exceeded our annual rainfal amount for the year! It has been a wet wet winter! I am SOOOOOO ready to start working in the yard, and I want a garden this year. Jim and I have been talking about putting a picket fence in the front yard, so now I have all these ideas in my head of things I want to do out there.

Speaking of gardening....Spring is coming..yes only 3 weeks from today until Spring is here!!!!
Want something else to give you Spring Fever? Check out this giveaway From My Front Porch in the Mountains

I am also wanting to really...REALLY get back to my scrapping. I have been reading my scrapping magazines, and getting some of my scap stuff organized.....again. Here are a couple pages I did earlier this month.


A Fire Fighter Wifey said...

As always I LOVE your lay-outs! How do you get such great pictures of them??????? I think I need some lessons in photography!

Julie said...

Erica....Thanks...Jenny sends them to us on yahoo *L*

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