Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catnip Love..

That's what Dexter and Ollie have....I planted some catnip in the yard a few days ago. Then Jim and I were sitting outside on the bench a couple evenings ago when Dexter came running over to us...the catnip is close to the bench...and he caught a whiff of the stuff. Now you must know Dexter is a true catnip connoisseur. Once he caught a whiff of it he stopped dead in his tracks, nose in the air to track down the source. Once finding it he delighted in rubbing his face in the catnip, rolling around on top of was quite a sight!

Then Ollie caught a whiff! Ollie lives outside but he hadn't come across the catnip until Dexter pointed it out to him. So they are both now in kitty heaven with this stuff!!

Now Dexter has to guard his catnip to make sure no one steals it! *L*

So what's everyone up to today? Hope you are not out there sniffing catnip! Jim and I went for some more plants. I am starting an herb garden in one section of my yard and I had to get some cat grass to go along with the catnip, and I got some more flowers. Jim got stuff to start building the antenna for his ham radio and some stuff to make his own flag pole, becasue he found a really nice flag at Costco yesterday for under $20 and he wants to have it all done so he can hang it out for Memorial Day.
I am going to take a nap and maybe work in the yard this evening or scrap...we will see how it goes. :)

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