Saturday, August 23, 2008


The day is almost over and I am just now getting here to post some of those promised pics! *L* If I don't do this Jim isn't gonna let me forget it *lol*

Before I post my pics though I gotta show ya something. Most of you, if you are regulars here know my stance on gun control...if not you can find it again at the bottom of my post....but first look at this video
Gun Control?

Ok and now here are some of those promised pics! :)

Here is the bench that Jim found for me on our last trip to Utah(ignore all the neighbors junk in the background *L*). He found this at Roberts (unfinished, we finished it ourselves) for a little over $30!! I have been wanting a bench for so long and this bench turned out prettier than I even thought it would. We love to go out and sit in it in the evening now and watch the sun go down. It is so peaceful.

We have had several hummingbirds coming to visit us. Only one of them can be at the feeder at a time though because they chase each other away. *L* I don't know why.

Shaun sent us some recent pics of Patrick. Isn't he a little can just see that Irish orneriness in the twinkle in his eye and that smile!

Jamie sent me this pic of the kids. I love the happy smiles on thier faces!!!

And some of my recent pages...

And now my view on gun control....jsut as that video says...the criminals wouldlove to have gun control and have the government take away all of our guns! That way the criminals would be the only ones with guns. they would have a heyday! Does anyone honestly believe if they ban guns that criminals won't be able to get them? Get real! Just like drugs...if you want them you will be able to find them, no matter how illegal it is! Then how are you going to defend yourself if someone breaks into your home? With a club? A bat? A knife? Good luck getting close enough to him, if he has a gun he is going to be able to get you before you are going to be able to get close enough to him to defend yourself.


Dawn said...

Love your layouts Miss Julie- but then I always have! Your bench is lovely and your yard looks like a peaceful place to be (when it is not burning hot) Gun control- hmm I'll just leave that one alone ;) Love ya girly!

Angela said...

Love those layouts Julie...thanks for sharing!

Meghan said...

Gorgeous children!
Superb layouts!
You rock girlygirl!

Jodi said...

Love your pages and cute kids.