Saturday, August 30, 2008

Giant Ants!!

We have been getting invaded by these giant, monster ants after the rain we got early this week!!
I found hundred of queens swarming in my front yard the day after the rain and sprayed them until I knew I had killed them! Then I found tons of little holes popping up all oer the yard. My daughter Jamie asked me if I had taken any pics of them *L* So this is for you Jamie!!
Giant Ants!
If you look close you will see some small ants walking around also, they are kinda blurry cause the camera was focused on the monster ant, but you will be able to tell the size difference then! If nothing else it is educational *L* Watch that ant going in the hole and bringing out clumps of dirt making the new hole.

Ant Invasion

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Jodi said...

Yuck! I do not ants. Not the little ones and not teh big ones. They always seem to find me to bite. rofl