Saturday, June 7, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

That's what May was. The first part of the month we were without our internet service for a week, then Jim got sick, then I got sick just a couple days before I was to fly to Denver so I could go to my 2 neices graduation. I spent a week in KS and Colorado, mostly at Jamie's house. Then my parents and 2 of the grandkids..Jon and Kayden (Jamie's 2) and I drove back here to our home for another week and then the month was over! It went by way too fast!! I am missing the kids so much I could cry and they have only been gone a little over a week. Someday we plan on selling the house and moving closer to the kids so we can see them more than once a year.
Right now we are just waiting for 'the' phone call from Shaun telling us that they are heading to the hospital for the baby's birth! Brit is 'due' on the 12th, but she is already dilated 2 cm..maybe more by now as that was almost a week ago. We will be going up for the baby's (Patrick's) blessing the weekend of July 4th. Tomorrow Jim leaves for training for a week down in Huntington Beach. Neither of us is looking forward to that, as we hate to be away from each other. But it is a good thing that he is getting trained on more machines.

Here are a few pics (ok maybe a little more than a few!) from my trip to CO and some of the fun stuff we did while the kids were here(I will save some others for another time *L*).
I am still bummed I lost about 200 pics when the cat ran across my keyboard and deleted a bunch of them. I lost pics I took while I was in the airplane or the ultracool clouds, and pics of Kayden making bread with me and making a birthday cake for my mom (although I do still have a close up of her face with flour all over it from the bread making and a close up of her chocolate face from the cake making). If I had an extra $100 or so laying around I would get them recovered, but at least I do still have the close ups thank goodness, so I can still scrap those memories. Unfortunately I also lost the pics from the kids feeding the ducks. Will just have to take more next time they visit! :)

On the trip out I learned that Elvis IS living AND he flys Southwest Airlines! *L* Imagine my surprise when he got on the plane I was on!!

My nephew Zach brought his Wii along with him to my parents house so we had some fun bowling with his Wii! It was my first time playing and what a blast!!

Kayden looked so cute in her little halter top dress. Her and Audrey spent a lot of time walking along these rocks at the grad. reception.

Here are my 2 neices whose graduation I flew out for. Mal and Jess. Congrats girls!!

Kayd's cute little flour covered face from helping me make bread. She is such a good little helper!

The kids traveled so well for the long drive! It took us 2 days to get back home and they really did good for being cooped up for so long.

On the drive through Utah we hit SNOW!! IN MAY!! Not only in May but it was the end of May for crying out loud! It was sooooooooooo cold in Utah! Here is Jon trying to catch a snowflake on his tongue!

Of course once we got back home to Cali we HAD to go to In-N-Out, mom's fav place to eat out here! *L* It was the kids first time there and it was a big hit with them as well!

Jim had gotten us tickets for the Mav's game for Friday night. Little did we know how cold it would be! Who in thier wildest dreams would have thought we would be sooooooooo cold at the end of May! The cold seemed to follow us from Utah! We stayed for 3 innings and left. We couldn't beleive all the people who bailed out as well, it was just too cold. At least the kids got an autograph from Wooley Bulley before we left. Kayden loved the game while we were there though, she said when she gets bigger she wants to play ball!

We went to Knott's Berry Farms and the kids LOVED it!! Kayden is a little daredevil! This girl has no fear! Although she didn't like the kids roller coaster. I think she was just too small and it bounced her around too much. Jon rode the Sidewinder by himself! WTG Jon!! He said he loved it but when the ride stopped he looked like he was ready to lose his lunch! *L* Despite the sibling rivalry *L* Kayden didn't want to go anywhere without her big brother!

No trip to Cali is complete without a trip to the beach. We took mom and dad and the kids to Huntington beach one day. It was dad's first time walking along the beach and he loved it. He wasn't able to last time because he had just had surgery on his leg. Mom had a blast collecting seashells, and she found some real nice ones since they had recently had some storms in the area. Of course Jon was so excited to be at the beach again and Kayden's trip this time was much better than her first time. The last time she was there she was scared to death of the water, this time you practically had to pull her out of the water!

Just some fun pics of us girls in the backseat of the pickup on the drive home. It is right there mom...see!!! *LOL*

And finally, I just LOVE this pic Jim got of Kayden and me. She was giving me Eskimo kisses.

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StmpnShell said...

It looks like you guys had a great time!! I'm so sorry you lost those pics. :(