Friday, June 27, 2008

Are you green?

First off let me say that I think the whole global warming thing is a crock! Hey my opinion! *L* Since I was in HS....some 30 yrs ago, we learned about the cycles of the earth and how we had times when the earth was warmer and times when it was colder. It's mother nature in all her glory!!!
Do I think Hybrid cars are a joke? YES!! Ok here in Cali we are told to conserve energy...CONSERVE CONSERVE CONSERVE! So now we are gonna have carts we have to plug in? Ohhhh yeah that will cut back on the use of electricity! What they gonna do when there is a black out? yeah yeah I know they run on gas also..but you know what I mean. Then not only that you gotta be able to afford one of these death traps..yes I call them death traps because they are so tiny. Had I been in something like this when that moron pulled out and smashed into us, I would not be here today! I will take my Jeep anyday thank you very much. At least I feel safe in it, and come on it doesn't use any more gas than some of these little cars....yeah have you checked the stickers on some of these little 'mid-life crisis' cars in the dealerships? Well my Jeep gets much better gas mileage and is gonna save me when some idiot runs a stop sign and smashes into my side.
Now what about the lightbulbs? You know we are all supposed to use these little swirly light bulbs right? We do...we have a lot of them here...but you do know they are jsut little florescent bulbs don't you? Know what happens when one breaks? Can you say toxic? What are we going to do when we have to start filling the landfills with these things?
How about the new digi signals that everyone is going to have to have to get tv in a few months? What happens to all those old tv's that you can't get tv on anymore...or even the ones that you can add a convertor box to...but the people decide to just go get a new tv instead. What is gonna happen to the landfills when we get a gazillion tv's dumped in them? Can we say way toxic?? Out here in Cali you can't take your tv to a has to go to a special recycling center.
It has annoyed me enough with all the enviornmentalits out here preaching to us...yes I recycle..bottles, cans, and lots of times I donate my old newspaper to the pet store to use for bedding. The enviornmentalists want to preach to us about not cutting down trees...ummm hello...if you had been raised on a farm or knew anything about nature you would know about the life cycle and how some things have to be thinned out to make way for the new to come in..otherwise guess what? You are endangering the old stuff by letting it get overgrown. Maybe that is why we have over 1000 fires in Northern Cali right now?
And corn...OMG we can take the food supply...because you know there are farmers out there who have deals with the gov that they can not plant on their land for so many years...and they have to let that land sit dormant for a period of time...the government paid them to NOT grow things on that land. So the ones who are growing corn and wheat are hoping to make a heck of a profit by selling it for ethenol. What is going to happen to meat prices? That is also the grain that is raised to feed to animals...beseides the human kind! Oh we can't drill for oil off the coast, and we can drill here or there...because it will take 10 yrs before we are able to process the oil. Ok so where we gonna be in 10 yrs if we don't do it now? Wishing we would have done something about it 10 years ago is where!!
Sorry I am just sick and tired of the government and enviornmentalists stupidity!! We are going to green outselves to death!!!

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